Travel tips

What's a travel tip?
A travel tip is a post sharing advice or important information that travelers might find useful. You can find examples in the travel tips page.

Who writes travel tips on Triptipedia?
Travel tips are usually written by locals, travelers or tourism professionals.

Can I write a tip on Triptipedia? What are the requirements?
Anyone can write a tip on Triptipedia. There are no requirements regarding the author, only regarding the content of your travel tip. Your tip must contain actual advice and follow a few specifc rules.

Why should I write a travel tip on Triptipedia?
For two main reasons. First, to share your knowledge with travelers who might need it. And secondly, to gain extra exposure. Your biography or description will get displayed along with each tip that you write and you can share your website and social networks in your public profile page.

How many tips can I write?
As many as you want, there is no limit, as long as your tip contains actual advice and follows the rules.

What is the minimum word count for a tip?
The minimum is 200 words.

How do I write a travel tip on Triptipedia?
If you don't have an account already, click on the "Join" button on the menu to create one. Then click on "Add a tip" and start writing!

What is a tag? Which tags should I put in my travel tip?
A tag is a keyword or a phrase that helps categorize and find your travel tip more easily. Here are some examples: Mexico, Museum, Border crossing, Solo female, Italian, Boat... You can find plenty of other examples on the explore page.
When creating a tip, try to find accurate tags that relate directly to your content. In any case, the moderator validating your tip will help you set relevant tags.
Since all content on Triptipedia relates to travel, it is not necessary to add "Travel" or "Traveling" to your tag. Use "Solo" instead of "Solo travel" or "Paris" instead of "Traveling in Paris" for instance.

How many tags should I add to my travel tip?
As many as you want, as long as they are relevant. It usually means around 4 or 5 tags, but if your travel tip addresses a lot of topics, it can go up to 9 or 10.

My English is not very good, can I still write a travel tip?
Yes, our validation team will take care of fixing mistakes for you.

I just submitted a tip, why is it not on the website yet?
To fight spam, tips must be approved by our team. This process usually takes a few hours.

Do I absolutely need an image or a picture to create a tip?
No, but we strongly encourage you to upload at least one picture to your travel tip (button in the editor). If you don't upload any, the moderator taking care of your tip may add a public domain image. If you don't have any pictures, you can use the following resources to find public domain ones:

Can I create a tip on a similar topic of an existing one?
If you are not copying it and you feel that you can add something, then yes. Best tips get usually more "likes" and have better exposure on the website.

Where can I see my saved tips?
In your account under the "saved tips" tab.

Someone submitted content (text or image) that's mine, how do I get it taken down?
To report a copyright infringement, please read our dedicated page for this matter.

Tours & activities (traveler)

Am I charged the full price when booking a tour?
No, you'll be charged 15% of the total price. You will pay the remaining 85% directly to the tour operator or the guide on the day of the tour.

What happens to my 15% deposit if I cancel?
It depends on the cancellation policy of your tour:

Example: you book a tour that costs $1000 with a flexible cancellation policy (24h). You only get charged $150 for the 15% deposit. If you were to cancel 2 days before the beginning of the tour, you would get a refund of $145.50 (97% of $150).

However, if you were to cancel after the refund delay, your deposit (15%) would not be refunded but you wouldn't have to pay the remaining 85%.

How do I cancel a tour?
The email you've received after booking a tour contains a cancellation link, just click on it.

How do I change my dates?
Ask the operator directly using the contact information you received by mail.

Tours & activities (supplier)

How do I list my tour, activity or transport on Triptipedia?
Read this page, it contains all the information you need.

What do I need to list my tour, activity or transport services on Triptipedia?
You have to own or to be employed by a company that sells tours, activities and / or transports services.

I'm an independant tour guide, can I list my tours on Triptipedia?
Yes, as long as your are legally allowed to do so.

Can I accept each booking request manually?
Yes. When creating a tour, you can choose between "instant reservation" and "booking request". With "instant reservation" bookings are immediately accepted, but with "booking request" you have 24 hours to manually accept or decline a request. After 24 hours the request will be automatically decined.

What is Triptipedia's fee when a client books a tour, an activity or a transpor servicet?
15%, which gets paid by credit card at booking time. The remaining 85% are given to you directly by the client on the departure day.

What happens if a client cancels a booking?
You'll get notified by email. If the cancellation happens after the refund delay, you will receive a compensation credit of 25% of the deposit.

What can I use my credit for?
You can use this credit to pay for cancellations that you'd make. In the future, you'll be able to use this credit to promote your tours and activities on Triptipedia.

How much does it cost for a supplier to cancel a booking?
0.6% of the total price, which corresponds to 4% of your client's deposit.

In which currency will my tours be priced?
For now, everything on Triptipedia is in US Dollars (USD). Handling multiple currencies is an option that's being considered for the future.

No-shows cost me money, is there a way to secure the funds before the tour?
Not at the moment. However, we are currently working on this option. Please contact us if you want to be notified when it will be available.