Frequently asked questions

What's a supplier?
A supplier is a partner of Triptipedia who is allowed to list tours, activities and transport services on the website.

How do I become a supplier?
Read this page, it contains all the information you need.

What do I need to list my tour, activity or transport services on Triptipedia?
You have to own or to be employed by a company that sells tours, activities and / or transport services.

I'm an independent tour guide, can I list my tours on Triptipedia?
Yes, as long as your are legally allowed to do so.

Can I accept each booking request manually?
Yes. When creating a tour, you can choose between "instant reservation" and "booking request". With "instant reservation" bookings are immediately accepted, but with "booking request" you have 24 hours to manually accept or decline a request. After 24 hours the request will be automatically declined.

What is Triptipedia's fee when a client books a tour, an activity or a transport service?

There is a 2% conversion fee if your bank account is not in USD (bank transfer option only).

What happens if a client cancels a booking? (in person option)
You'll get notified by email. No compensations are available for the in person option.

What happens if a client cancels a booking? (bank transfer option)
You'll get notified by email. If the cancellation happens after the refund period, the traveler is charged for the booking nevertheless. Your funds are therefore secured and you will received your due payment.

What's the refund period?
The refund period is the period during which the traveler can cancel the booking. It is defined by the cancellation policy choosen for the tour:

How much does it cost for a supplier to cancel a booking?
It costs 1% of the total price.

In which currency will my tours be priced?
For now, everything on Triptipedia is in US Dollars (USD). Handling multiple currencies is an option that's being considered for the future.