Frequently asked questions

Am I charged the full price when booking a tour?
If the booking is made on Triptipedia, you'll be charged 15% of the total price. Depending on the tour, the remaining 85% are either:

All payment details are given on the booking page before paying. Note that in case of a late booking, some tours require the full amount to be paid.

What happens to my deposit if I cancel?
It depends on the cancellation policy:

Example: you book a tour that costs $1000 with a flexible cancellation policy (3 days). You only get charged $150 for the 15% deposit. If you were to cancel more than 3 days before departure, you would get a refund of $140.00 ($150 minus 1% of $1000).

No refunds are made after the cancellation period.

How do I cancel a tour?
The email you've received after booking a tour contains a cancellation link, just click on it.

How do I change my dates?
Ask the operator directly using the contact information you received by mail.

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