Aug 13, 2019• by Luis Herrera

La Milagrosa: One of the Most Popular Legends in Cuba

The Necrópolis de Colon, known as Colon Cemetery, is the most important one in Cuba. The popular legend of La Milagrosa attracts many visitors among locals and foreigners who visit the tomb of...

Aug 13, 2019• by Javier

Visiting Cuba and Havana

Havana is good place for having a excellent vacation, however there are a few things you must know. Climate There are two seasons in Cuba, one is the May to October rain many often and another...

Aug 12, 2019• by Luis Herrera

5 Important Tombs at the Colon Cemetery

Scultpture & Statues in Havana: 5 Important Tombs at the Colon Cemetery The Colon Cemetery is the biggest cemetery in the Americas and offers travelers and art lovers in Havana numerous possibilities...

Aug 11, 2019• by Luis Herrera

Nuevo Vedado: Non-Touristy Neighborhood in Havana

Nuevo Vedado is a non-touristy neighborhood in Havana, perfect for travelers who want quietness and contact with the local culture in the Cuban capital, as well as explore off the beaten paths in...

Jun 17, 2019• by CasaParticular

Is it safe to stay in a casa particular?

Is it safe to stay in a casa particular? Yes! Casas particulares are very safe. Staying a in a casa particular is as safe as staying in any hostel or guesthouse. The hosts are very dependent on...

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