Six Day Itinerary For Iceland

WOW Airlines ceased operations four days before our six day trip to Iceland. We were so disappointed because we had spent so much time building the perfect trip with multiple dinner reservations, site seeing tours and hotel stays across the country. We gathered information from all over the internet to build this perfect itinerary. Unfortunately, since Wow Airlines canceled all flights four days before our trip and we couldn't afford new flights to Iceland, we had to cancel all of our reservations and we didn't get to see Iceland. We know we will go there one day and we are ready with the perfect itinerary when we do! We are proud of this itinerary and thought we should share it so it can help you plan your trip!



Day One:

Our flight was set to get in 5am on Monday morning. We had booked a rental car ahead of time and would have picked it up at the airport. Our plan that day was to go to Blue Lagoon at 8am when it opened and spend the day there. We bought our tickets ahead of time on their website. The hotel we booked in Reykjavik was the Center Hotel Plaza and we were set to check in that day at 2pm. After having a late lunch at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur for their world famous hot dogs, we would have walked to the Old Harbor area to see the Sun Voyager sculpture and the Harpa. Dinner would have been at The Seabaron for their lobster soup and fish kabobs. After dinner, if we weren't too tired we would have went back to the Sun Voyager sculpture to try and see the Northern Lights, which you can see until mid April in Iceland if you're lucky!

Day Two:

Day two was supposed to be the Golden Circle. This is a popular route in Iceland that is easy to drive in a day and hits a lot of popular locations. It includes Thingveiller National Park, Geysir and Gulfoss. I also wanted to stop and see Kerid Crater and try and pet the Icelandic horses at Bru's Farm. We had reservations that day for lunch at Fridheimar Restaurant, which serves everything made from tomatoes. They have their own greenhouse and also have a barn with Icelandic horses. We also had booked a tour at Laugarvatn Fontana, a geothermal bakery and spa, to learn how they make rye bread. That evening we had planned to see more of downtown Reykjavik and eat dinner at Fish and Co., a food truck that only serves two dishes. Like every night, we would try and see the Northern Lights once it got dark!

Iceland Horse

Iceland Horse

Day Three:

Day three was focused on exploring Reykjavik. We had a City Walk Tour booked for 10:30am, which is a free (tips only) walking tour with guides that give you the history of the city and point out some of their favorite things to do. After the tour we wanted to see City Hall, The National Museum of Iceland, Hallgrimskirkja, Perlan, and the Reykjavik Zoo. For lunch we had planned to try traditional Icelandic food at Cafe Loki and go shopping on Laugavegur Street. I really wanted a traditional Icelandic sweater. We would have gotten coffee from Kaffibrennslan and had dinner at Icelandic Street Food. That evening we would have gotten snacks for our road trip the next day and tried to see the Northern Lights!

Day Four:

Day four was our road trip to South Iceland. We had several stops planned along the way, including Seljelandsfoss Waterfall, Skogafoss Waterfall, Skogar Folk Museum, Dyrholaey Lighthouse, Reynisfjara Beach, Eldhraun Lava Field, and Svínafellsjökull Glacier. Lunch was going to be at Sudur Vik in the town of Vik. We had reservations at Guesthouse Gerdi that night and it's supposed to be a great spot to see the Northern Lights.

Day Five:

Day five was mainly for seeing Diamond Beach, Glacier Lagoon and Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. After visiting these three places we would of made our way back and stopped at anything we missed the day before or wanted to see more of. We had reservations at Base Hotel in Keflavik, which is where the airport is.

Iceland Diamond Beach

Iceland Diamond Beach

Day Six:

Day six was going to be our last day in Iceland. Since we would have had to get to the airport early for our international flight and return our rental car, we had only planned to go to Viking World, which is a museum but it also has a cafe that has a breakfast buffet.

This is everything that we had planned for our Iceland trip, including where we were going to stay, where we wanted to eat, and what we wanted to do and see. Please feel free to use this itinerary and modify it to fit your trip! If you have any questions or different recommendations, please let us know!

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