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By IndeBo | Aug 20, 2019
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A UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a crowd of beautiful, wild animals including the endangered one-horned rhinoceros, the Kaziranga National Park in Assam is a natural treasure waiting to be explored.

The Kaziranga National Park is one of the largest landscapes of North East India, and works towards wildlife conservation and has made great strides in its efforts to stop hunting and poaching in the area. A sight for sore eyes and a heart full of moving cultural miscellany and breathtaking nature, the Kaziranga experience is a precious journey through the essence of Assam. Herds of wild animals, a watercolour-sky, a rainbow of flowering shrubs – It’s a paradise on the banks of Brahmaputra

The possibilities are endless here at Kaziranga – Everywhere you look there are beauty and specs of extraordinary happenings! The Central Range in the park is where the magic happens. In the depths of lush grasslands and distant juniper-green trees, the one-horned Rhinos graze here with their little ones, the wild elephants carelessly roam about and a wide variety of birds embellish the already picture-perfect scenery.

An early morning, hour-long Elephant Safari in the summer is one of the most sought-after experiences in the area. On a jeep safari, as the Lion King Soundtrack plays in your head, look out for one of the majestic tigers in its natural habitat, and don’t forget to capture the best photographs of the shy Swamp deer, the Great Indian Hornbill, beautiful red silk cotton trees and the scatter of water lilies.

There are quite a few memorable tours in and around the Kaziranga National Park. An afternoon walk through the tea gardens of Assam, watching the tea-pickers effortlessly catapult soft tea leaves into their big baskets is a terrific idea if you’re looking for a relaxing time.

Make the most of the park’s proximity to the mighty Brahmaputra River, and make a trip to witness the rare, endangered Gangetic Dolphin among other exciting opportunities.

A moment of self-reflection midst the potpourri of North Eastern cultural

You will be surprised by the abundance of rich cultural discoveries that this little land has to offer to its travellers. There are quite a few tribal villages around Kaziranga, and time here is surely unforgettable. The heartwarming, friendly locals, their resourcefulness and great hospitality evoke one’s own goodness and humanity. Walking around the villages here is all about taking in and learning from the sublime ordinary day of a local.

Notice the Assamese women sewing shawls and intricate Mekhela Sador, an indigenous traditional Assamese dress with simple organic techniques, and treat yourself to a hearty meal. Skipping the shops and buying a souvenir by a local producer here is a great way to support the hardworking villagers.
Time at Kaziranga is spectacular and packed with graceful experiences that make for one of the greatest wildlife tours in India.

A sense of comfort in nature, and a realization of responsibility towards the world’s biodiversity – The Kaziranga National Park adds new meaning to one’s life in innumerable ways.

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