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By IndeBo | May 7, 2019
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The tropical Asian country of Sri Lanka is the breezy vacation destination of one’s dreams. Not the extravagant touristy activities, but an ordinary lunch of rice and curry at a local home in a sleepy village is what best describes the country.

Many a UNESCO heritage sites to visit, cuisines at local restaurants to try and beaches to laze around but one of the most memorable things to do in Sri Lanka is a unique experience that you have probably never had before.

Sri Lanka offers its visitors the heartwarming opportunity to save the lives of the little, endangered sea turtles in the area. And honestly, it’s quite an unforgettable time.

The Sri Lankan seas hold some of the most endangered species of turtles in the world. But sadly these beautiful reptiles are slowly decreasing in number. It’s heartbreaking to learn about the threats that the sea turtles here face.

The animals often accidentally get caught in fishing gear and are poached for eggs and meat for consumption and skin and shell to make jewellery. Global warming and water pollution are more reasons that add to the depletion of sea turtles and other marine life.

Thankfully, the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Centre and Hatchery are one of the most important conservation centres and hatcheries in Sri Lanka that is making great strides in sea turtle care and protection.

The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Care mainly works as a hatchery aiming to increase the hatching rate and survival of baby turtles. Not only that, but Kosgoda also tends to sick or injured adult sea turtles to bring them back to health and release them in the ocean.

The entire process is a testament to the goodness of the world. If you are a nature lover looking to be a part of something meaningful, the experience at Kosgoda is the absolute perfect activity on your trip.

Here you can take the opportunity to get involved with the hatchery to meet the beautiful species of sea turtles and help with the daily efforts that go into taking care of them and maintaining the conservation process.

The hatchery offers you the chance to peek into the behind-the-scenes of what goes into making a difference in the world. Batches of the staff patrol the beaches at night looking for any mother turtles that come to land to lay their eggs.

The eggs are then carefully brought back and buried in the sand to mature in about 50 days. In between these technicalities make conversation with the wise locals who take care of the animals. You will be surprised how enriching a simple exchange can be!

Once the turtles have developed, you, along with other Kosgoda staff members get to let go of the newly hatched turtles into the night sea. Watching the baby turtles disappear into the crashing waves is truly a cathartic sight that fills one up with hope. A seemingly inconsequential moment will most definitely leave you teary-eyed.

After your emotional connection at the hatchery, make the most of all the sublime sights of Sri Lanka while you’re here. Visit the heartwarming Pinnewala ElephantOrphanage to watch the gentle giants up-close and learn about elephant conservancy.

Sign yourself up for a safari at the Minneriya National Park to spot the local leopards, boars and a wide variety of birds. The villages of Sri Lanka are true cultural hotspots. Make your way to Polonnaruwa to explore the fascinating ruins of the Royal Palace and the Buddha statues at Gal Vihara.

Have yourself an adventure climbing the steep stairs of the Lion Rock, Sigiriya. Finally, for a sweet unwind, stroll along the tea plantations in Nuwara Eliyalooking back on the beautiful journey you’ve been on.

Stuck in an everyday routine, it is easy to forget about the world full of possibilities around us. However, experiences like these really do put life in perspective. Your time with the turtles in the mesmerizing country of Sri Lanka will leave you reminded of the foremost joys and benefits of travelling.

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