The Blissful Festivities of Holi around Diverse India

By IndeBo | Nov 14, 2018
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Lath Mar Holi

Lath Mar Holi

An Indian travel adventure is more than just sightseeing – It is feeling. More than urban buildings and the big malls, India is about the fresh morning air, the chaiwalla’s first cups of tea at dawn; it is about the majestic historical structures, harlequin attire and the heartwarming festivities throughout the year. The diverse and unique festivals are the true essence of the country. If there was one thing that described the vast lands here perfectly, without a doubt it would be the festivals. India likes to celebrate in a magnificent and grandeur manner and oh, how it does. From the beginning to the end of the year, India stays painted in positivity and offering peace and wonderment to anyone who is open to it.

Holi in India

Holi in India

In the early month of March, the country celebrates one of the biggest and most talked about festivals in the world – Holi. With a history rooted in mythology, the festival of Holi represents the power and victory of good over evil and is quite an exceptional and exciting event. Discovering India during Holi is a real treat for the mind and soul. The country celebrates the festival in a way that is most true to its essence – Absolute diversity. While on one hand Mathura celebrates the festival with musical performances and color-drenched processions with a touch of tradition, on the other hand Nangaon and Barsana celebrate the unique Lathmar Holi, which is an old ritual of women lightly and in a playful manner beating up men as they try to protect themselves with shields. If you’re in Delhi, you will get the chance to experience the grand ritual on the night before the main event, where the locals burn a huge pyre signifying the end of negativity; on the day of the festival expect Bollywood music, color-play, the intoxicating Bhang drink and big house parties! West Bengal dressed up in saffron colors and welcomes spring by smearing dry colors and drenching each other with water, Jaipur hold contests, spreads out fairs and celebrates the Elephant Festival, Manipur celebrates for six days with indigenous rituals and Thabal Chongba – A Manipuri folkdance performance and Goa starts the day with prayers to the village gods and goddesses before breaking into an exciting celebration of colors, music, good food and cultural shows!

Holla Mohalla

Holla Mohalla

A day after Holi is the fascinating Sikh festival of Holla Mohalla. A festival founded by Guru Gobind Singh, Holla Mohalla is an occasion to celebrate community, togetherness and the martial arts and sword fighting showmanship. The practice started as a way to forestall a bleaker and more real struggle against the imperial dominance and to use the people’s blazing energy into more positive and constructive activities. The festival is now an annual event and is an absolutely unique experience. The best part of the occasion is the joyous three-day fair at Anandpur Sahib, where participants camp out, cheer on to choreographed battle performances and enjoy spiritual music and poetry. The event is a great way to get in touch with the country’s culture and beliefs and experience a sense of community.

March is an eventful month in the Indian calendar and is laced with essential experiences for the perfect and touching travel adventure. Make the most here!

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