Visiting Macau's casinos

By Clem | Jan 30, 2018
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Entrance to the casinos of Macau is free, just walk in!

Macau's casinos lights at night

Macau's casinos lights at night

Casinos are divided into 2 parts:

* The gambling area, you need to be 21 to enter (an ID can be asked)
* The shopping area, which is like a normal mall

The gambling area

Plenty of games are played here (slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker...). You can casually walk
in and watch people play. It's not required to buy tokens, but if you want to, there's usually a counter
on the side.

Taking pictures is forbidden in the gambling area, security is going to jump on you if you try to take any.

Words of advice: you'll need your money to travel, don't give
it to the casinos. They make plenty of profit because the
majority of people playing lose money.

The shopping area

The biggest casinos in Macau have also a shopping area, which is nothing but a big fancy mall. However,
the decor is usually pretty unique and worth a look.

Taking pictures is allowed in this area.

Shopping area of the Venetian, designed to look like Venice

Shopping area of the Venetian, designed to look like Venice

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