Tackling Jet Lag, Naturally: Don't Let It Take Over

By DrTripTravel | Jan 5, 2019

Many people have to face the dreaded jet lag when travelling from one place to another, across several time zones, but wouldn't it be nice if there were a few simple and natural ways that could help you to ease this travel sore.

It can take a few days to really diminish the jet lag symptoms that you are facing as the sleep pattern that you normally have is disrupted after arriving somewhere several time zones away, whether that be forward in time or backward in time.

You can find yourself letting jet lag take over. Don't let jet lag take over your body! And DO NOT let jet lag turn you away from travelling to some of the most spectacular sights imaginable on this earth! You cannot completely prevent jet lag. You can, however, find your own ways that reduce the impacts of jet lag.

I have found many ways over the years of flying backwards and forwards from the UK to the US and back again, that actually do help me. Here are a few of them, they are natural and simple:

1) Pick suitable flight times

If possible, you should try your best to book flights that depart and arrive at times that would not disrupt your sleep pattern before leaving. The trick is to do a little bit of working out beforehand, and ask yourself: what time will I have to get up on the morning that I fly? What will the local time be when I land? What would the landing time be if I was still in the country of origin? Once you have asked yourself these questions, you can then decide which of the flight times offered will disrupt your normal sleep pattern the least.

2) Change your clocks straight away

Some people wait until they get settled in their hotel room to change their devices and watches etc to the local time, but I personally feel that this is a mistake. Recently, I have found that if I change to the time of my destination at the start of the flight and ensure that I do not calculate the time of my origin, then I will adjust quicker. This immediately starts to prepare me for the new time zone and it helps me to adjust to the time quicker and get in sync with my new sleeping pattern.

3) DON'T remain seated for the entire flight

It is important that, on long flights, you do not remain in your seat for the entire flight. Keeping active by taking occasional short walks whenever the seat belt sign is off, whether it is just up and down the aisle or to go to the bathroom, can stop you from feeling so sluggish. It makes me feel refreshed to get a change of scenery!

4) Do something

After a long flight, you feel tired. I get it. You want nothing more than a hot bath and your hotel bed, but, this is a mistake. I find that doing this just makes me fall back into the sleep patterns of home. So... Get out and about! This will help you to go to bed at the normal time at your destination. Doing an activity, whether that be just walking down the street, getting something to eat or going on a rollercoaster, will help you to ease the jet lag!

5) Fight to follow the local time

As I just mentioned, you should fight your instincts of when it is time to sleep and try your best to follow the local time. When I go to the US, I keep myself awake until at least 8:30pm, ideally 9pm, even though I am tired from the long day of travelling and because it will be at least 1:30am at home (depending on where in the US I am), so that I can get used to the new sleep patterns.

Don't let jet lag take over you! You can begin to tackle it naturally with these five tips.
Please note, these tips may not work for everyone, these are just my recommendations based on my own personal experiences and what I find best for myself.

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