Notre-Dame de Paris fire

On April 15th 2019, Notre Dame de Paris, the most visited European monument (13 millions visitors each year), has been partially destroyed by a fire of unknown origin.

Fire at Notre Dame de Paris

Fire at Notre Dame de Paris

As of today a security perimeter has been designated, the Île de la Cité has been completely locked down so no one will be allowed to get too close to the monument. Public transportation (bus and metro) has been interrupted on the island but is running normally everywhere else.

We can expect the famous Parisian monument to be closed for years after that. This article will be updated with all the practical information for people planning a visit to Paris.

Update: The French president talked about a 5 years renovation period, it's still unclear either if this deadline is achievable and if a partial re-opening would be possible before the end of the restoration.

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