A Family Dinner in Uglich, Russia

By wasatch | Jul 3, 2020
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Our AMA Russian River Cruise (circa 2008) stopped in Uglich which has some historic value which I forget and two outstanding Russian Orthodox churches. The all male church choir gave brief performance in one of the churches and then sold their CDs. I got the entire collection, two CDs. Then we walked up to the Main St. for a little free time and shopping. Next came dinner at home with an Uglich family. Quite a few families participated. We were sent about three blocks beyond Main St to a duplex on a dirt road. Returning to the ship, I noticed that the only paved roads in town were the short main street and the road from the dock to the main street.

Uglich, Russia

Uglich, Russia

Our family was a Professor of American Culture at the local university, and engineer, and their two teen age kids, one of each. Being upper middle class in Russia, they had four small rooms. The kids had to eat in the kitchen. The rest of us packed into the living room with no social distancing, hardly enough space to breath. We describe what were assured was a typical Russian Sunday dinner, as six courses of cabbage. There might have been a little sausage in one, but all I really remember is cabbage, cabbage, and more cabbage. Everything considered, it was pretty good and definitely fresh, hinting at no or little home refrigeration.

The meal closed with a small glass of bright yellow home brewed vodka. A small glass was more than enough. This stuff redefined strong liquor.

Conversation was easy. Dad's English was passable. Mom could have stepped into any American college classroom and lift no hint she was Russian. The kids spoke better English than most American kids.

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