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By IndeBo | Mar 28, 2019
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What do you take back after just seeing the Taj Mahal? A great photo. Some nice moments in the sun. A tick mark on your “to-do” list. Now compare that to playing with colour. Compare that to learning a martial art. Compare that to yoga. Compare that to serving food at a gurudwara. Compare that to learning sand painting.

To watching a blockbuster running for 8 years. To learning pottery. Isn’t that what you really wanted to do. Isn’t that what life was all about? To feel like India is home?

1. Celebrate Holi in Barsana

Along with the devotees from all across the globe, people in Barsana celebrate Holi with a pinch of vigour! The unique concept of Lath mar Holi (meaning Holi in which people hit with sticks) to has a story behind it. With women hitting men with sticks as they leave no stones unturned in teasing them, this is surely a very colourful and playful site.

2. Learn Kalaripayattu in Kerala

Have you ever tried your hand in any form of martial art? If not, then this is your chance to apprentice. This martial art form has now outgrown the Indian boundaries. The megastar of Hollywood, Jackie Chan is also closely related to Kalaripayattu. while shooting for his movie, “The Myth”, the actor made his way to Kerala to take lessons from the experts in this traditional art form.

3. Yoga in Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh

There lies an ultimate goal for every person, be it a king or a peasant- to set free. In today’s world, every person is held back by the clutches of life. Yoga is an ultimate method for the rejuvenation of the mind and body. Parmarth Niketan conducts an open Yoga class free of cost for all those who are staying there. Yoga is much more than twisting your body in not-very-possible positions, but the end product of the whole procedure is invigorating.

4. Help in cooking food for local langar

Experience and witness the spirituality and devotion of the worshippers at the Golden temple. Here, everyone regardless of their religion, caste, colour, creed or age come together to serve at the langar (meaning free food for all worshippers). This Gurudwara sees tens of thousands of people voluntarily flocking in every day just to be a part of the service.

5. Learn sand sculpture in Orissa

Have you ever tried creating something new with sand? No? Try this unique art of sand sculpting which was first developed in Puri. There are artists with magic in their fingers who have dedicated themselves completely to this art form and always look out to create something new out of mere sand particles. Go ahead, create your masterpiece!!

6. Watch DDLJ at Maratha Mandir theatre, Mumbai

This wonderful piece of work has enticed the entire nation with its magic ever since the time of its release in 1995. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (meaning, “the brave-hearted will take away the bride”) has still charmed the hearts of today’s audience. Have your share of fun at Maratha Mandir Theatre, where this movie is running houseful since the last 18 years!

7. Lunch with the biggest family in Mizoram

And when the world worries about the rapidly growing population, there comes in the picture the largest family in the world! With 181 members in the family, Mr Pu Ziona (head of the family) is again on a search for a new wife. As of now, he has 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren, all staying under the same roof! With all the stories they would have to share, we are sure the lunch will be worth it.

8. Walk around the place

Very often we indulge ourselves so much in the day to day routine that we forget to appreciate the beauty around us. Sit back, forget about all that is bothering you, and enjoy!!

9. Spend a day with a monk

If you have a keen interest in Buddhism, make sure you spend a day with a monk! There is no one better and more well-informed about Buddhism than a monk himself. Amble around the place and listen to the historic past and the view the beautiful sceneries around. Step into the life of a monk for a day and know about the completely different and a more peaceful way of living.

10. Try your hand at pottery at Andretta

Try your hand at making pottery wares. This is surely something you will enjoy! Earlier pottery was done by the method of hand building, that is shaping the clay as a pot by your hands, but as more advanced methods came up, there came many machines such as the potters’ wheel to help the potters with the same!

11. Prepare a mid-day meal for kids at a school in Bihar

“To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task!”. Volunteering makes a difference, not only to society but to you as well! There are many schools in Bihar that offer the facility of a free mid-day meal for its students. Help in cooking and also interact with the school children if you like. They will surely have an honest opinion about the food!

12. Milk a cow

Milking a cow will be an experience you will surely carry a long way. There is a technique involved in the same. It will surely be an enjoyable involvement!

13. Play Gully cricket with children in Mumbai

Many Indian cricketers began their journey from a “gully”. In Mumbai, you will come across various streets with many enthusiastic and vibrant faces playing this the most sought after game. Every team playing cricket has some strong hubs to play cricket, but the true patronage of the game comes from the lazy backyards.

14. Try Yak candy in Paro

This candy is prepared by fermenting Yak milk and is one of those special Himalayan foods that you don’t find at regular Indian grocery stores, so it usually finds its way to our house in little plastic packages stuffed in the luggage of people travelling back and forth to visit family in Nepal.

15. Spend a day with elephants at Kodanad

You will come across many people from across the world flocking to Kodanad to get a glimpse of the elephants and spending time with them. Not only kids, but even the adults enjoy as the elephant sprinkles water from its trunk.

16. Try Dilli ki chaat and Panipuri

This is our personal favourite! In fact, most of the people you would come across in Delhi will have the same thing to say. Don't forget to make a visit to Chandni Chowk, where every day is a celebration! Moreover, Chandni Chowk is also known as the food capital of India.

17. Lessons in the Hindi language

India is the land where thousands of languages have taken birth. from Learn the most commonly spoken language in India, Hindi.

18. Learn a local instrument of your choice

Indian music has a special appeal not only within the country but also throughout the world. Are you already a musician? If yes, then learning an Indian instrument will enlighten you about the beauty of our melodious instruments. If no, go ahead. This is your chance!

19. Sailing on the Ganga

Sail across river Ganges, which is perhaps the holiest river in any religion. The worshipers believe that a dip in the holy river bestows blessings upon them and cleanses them of their previous sins.

20. If you get a chance, attend an Indian wedding

If you get a chance, do visit an Indian wedding (in any part of India), do visit! From the decor to the food, everything about Indian weddings is commendable.

21. Henna

Henna is a part of many cultural traditions across India. Have peacocks, fishes, butterflies and many more beautiful drawings drawn on your palms and don't forget to ask the mehndi artist about what the design on your palm symbolizes.

22. Follow the dabbawalas in Mumbai

They daily serve home cooked food to over 2,00,000 Mumbaikars, on occasions putting their own lives at risk. The Dabba system is one of a kind and is widely practised in Mumbai. Follow the dabbawalas as they narrate their stories to you.

23. Visit Mohammadpur Umri (a village near Allahabad- a village of twins)

Have you ever witnessed 2,3 or more pairs of twins at the same time? We’re sure many of us haven’t. Welcome to Mohammadpur Umri, the village of twins. With twins in almost every other house, there has often been ample scope of comedy of errors. This village has about 100 pairs of twins, as the sight that will leave you more than shocked!

24. Cooking class in Delhi

You will surely find many teachers willing to teach you how to cook mouth-watering delicacies of India, be it a homemaker or a professional chef. If you’re confused from where to start, have a look at our list of food recipes!

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25. Try a sari in Jaipur

Known for its intricate artwork, Jaipur is one of the finest places when it comes to buying a sari. Prepare yourself to witness a flock of buyers all over the market and pick your favourite saris to take back home!

26. Dancing in the rain

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling like a child again? Is it always fun to be all wrapped up while many people are enjoying outside in the rains?? We are pretty much aware of what your answer would be like. So go out, get drenched!

27. Tram ride in Kolkata

Today, only Kolkata gets to see the tram rail moving through it! It is currently the only tram network in India and the oldest operating electric tram in Asia, running since 1902. It was in 1920 that the public bus was introduced in Kolkata. Until then, the tram rail was the sole public transport.

28. Waterfall rappelling in Vihigaon, Kasara

The roaring waterfalls in Vihigaon offers you an adventure of the lifetime. At a height of almost 120 feet, you will surely sense a feeling of accomplishment as soon as you come all your way down rappelling.

29. Cheraw dance in Mizoram

There is no denying the fact that this dance form is surely the most alluring form of Mizoram culture. With bamboo sticks and enthusiastic men and women, the Cheraw dance has become an integral part of almost every festival in Mizoram. Wear your dancing shoes and get your feet tapping to this unusual and rhythmic dance form!

30. Try biryani at 3 different places

Biryani being the speciality of many places in India, you too can have your pick on the place that serves the best biryani according to you! According to us, the best place to treat your tastebuds with this delicacy will surely be Hyderabad.

31. Bhangra with a Bhangra group in Amritsar

Welcome to the land of five rivers, Punjab. It is commonly believed that your trip to Punjab is incomplete without dancing on the folk Punjabi songs. Here is your chance. Enjoy with one of the most full of life and enthusiastic people you would have ever come across!

32. Bathe with the devotees in Pushkar

Flowing through the Himalayas, the Ganges is the holiest river of the Indians. The Indians believe that the water of the Ganges is purifying and washes away your sins. If you believe in the same, take a dip along with the devotees.

33. Get your photo clicked in front of Taj Mahal

Because it's just a nice thing to do!

34. Feast at the midnight snack market

After a tiring day, food is all we need and what better than a midnight snack market? This market in Indore will serve you all possible delicious snacks. Its time the time to treat your taste buds!

35. Flying a kite near the Ghats of Varanasi

Kite flying is great fun and easy if you know a few of “Dad’s secrets”. Moreover, the view at the ghats is in itself very fascinating. A windy day is all you need.

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