My travel tips for cruising

Following are just some of my 'travel tips for cruising!'

Tip number One: 'Be sure to cruise in the right season.'
In September 2014, I went on my Maiden voyage to Fiji and the South Pacific. Shortly after getting off the ship in Sydney a friend of mine said, “It’s a good thing you didn’t go over there between ‘November and March’ because that’s when Fiji has their wet season!”

Tip number two: 'What to do if the sea is a bit rocky.'
If the sea is a bit rocky always remember to go to the centre of the ship, and go to the lowest possible deck. That way it’s less rocky; The higher up you go on a ship the more you will feel it, and the lower down you go the less you will feel it.” It’s for this reason I always book my cabins in the middle of the ship.

Tip number three: ‘Here's a fun thing to do at sea.’
All the ships swimming pools contain ‘hand rails.’ If it’s a warm day on board, and if the ship is at sea ‘get into the pool when the water is going up and down. Go to either the front or the back of the pool, hold onto the arm rail, and let yourself go with the flow of the water.’ It’s like a FREE theme park ride, and it’s the best way to go swimming in the ocean... without actually swimming in the ocean!

Tip number four: 'Always book your shore excursions through the ship you're cruising with.'
When booking ‘shore excursions’ remember to book them through the cruise company you’re sailing with. That way, the ships crew will know about you, and they’ll make sure the ship doesn’t leave without you. If you decide to book the shore excursion when you arrive on land ‘remember to keep your eye on the time, and get back to the departure zone early’ otherwise the ship could leave without you.

Tip number five: 'Keep your phone away from your passenger card.'
I've discovered this truth during the cruises I’ve been on ‘the Passenger card you start your cruise with usually isn't the Passenger card you end your cruise with,’ and the reason is this ‘the black strip on the back of your Passenger card is very sensitive so be sure to keep your Phone (and other screens) away from your passenger card during your cruise. If your passenger card is wiped, you won’t be able to use it to get into your cabin, and you’ll have to get it replaced at Reception.

And finally ‘remember to keep at least one type of Photo ID with you every time you Disembark from the ship during the cruise.’ This will help the ships crew to get you back on board faster.

Well that’s it. Happy cruising everyone!

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Written by thecruisingprincess
Hi! I’m Karina. I’m a Princess Cruises Captain Circle member, Blogger, and a cruise lover. 🛳⚓️💕 Join me as a share my tips about a little thing called 'cruising.'

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