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By IndeBo | May 17, 2019
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Tucked away in the Pali district of Western Rajasthan, Jawai is all that travel-dreams are made of.

Fields of wheat and mustard swaying in the morning breeze, the echoing ring of the temple bell and the leopards that laze around watching the people go about their day – In a country with booming modernization and economic growth, Jawai still holds onto its organic essence and exists in harmony with the nature that surrounds its lands.

In May of 1949, Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur started to build, what is now the largest dam in Western Rajasthan on the river Jawai, which was one of the few significant signs of modernity in the area.

It is quite remarkable how such a seemingly dull village scene, when looked closely, can suddenly turn to an interesting window into a complex mélange of humanity, wildlife and our relationship with nature.

The luxurious Sujan Jawai Camps and Palaces is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in the area. Laced in luxury and comfort, Sujan Jawai offers you a view into the life in Jawai that is thoughtful, well-researched and lovingly curated.

The camp has about 11 spacious luxury tents, each equipped with a private veranda, writing desk and seating area. One of the most admirable things about Sujan Jawai is that their entire system revolves around the conservation of nature, wildlife and culture.

With a wide range of activities, time here is perfect for a good family vacation for its many a chance to bond over precious memories.

Children can sign up for one of the junior ranger programmes that have many fun, educational and imaginative activities planned with a complete junior ranger’s outfit, colouring books, wildlife lists and so much more!

Meanwhile, a tired and wandering adult can let their hair down and make the most of the spa and wellness facilities offered here. From relaxing ayurvedic massages to meditation classes at sunrise, this space is ideal for a rejuvenation session.

The great thing here is that Jawai offers you the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. After your luxurious quiet-time at the spa, head to the wilderness to be one with nature.

Dress in your khakis and bring your long lenses on a thrilling jeep safari in the countryside, where you drive past antelopes, crocodiles, leopards and a vast variety of birds up to the Nag Bawasi hill at a nearby village.

Jawai is known for its big population of big cats. The leopards in the area seem to have an emotional understanding and exist harmlessly. And the wild tigers here hardly shy away from the human eye.

Take a trip to Sher Bagh, in the outskirts of Ranthambhore National Park for a breathtaking sight of tigers in the wild. And make conversation with the charming herdsmen of the semi-nomadic Rabari community on a quiet walk in the village.

When one’s had their satiating dose of wildlife in the area there is more to look forward to! Head to the beautifully carved temples of Ranakpur and visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort to take those postcard-worthy photographs.

On days when you’re looking to wind down, go about experiencing the everyday ordinaries. Cycle around the village on a watercolour evening; take the local kids on in a friendly game of street cricket, go on a little hike or just make conversation with the locals to learn about the culture. After all, the truly meaningful moments are often in the unexplored.

If you’re still craving for more you can set out to explore the city of Udaipur. Take a sunset boat cruise across Lake Pichola to the Jagmandir Island Palace as you feast on a royal meal and sip on some delicious cocktails.

Take a cycle tour around the old city, gliding past the sleepy Ghats and the majestic City Palace, a 400-year-old architectural marvel. Here you have an option to set up an appointment for a workshop to see and practice the dying art of painting on the water – Jal Sanjhi.

Roam around in vintage cars, try a six-course meal at a fancy restaurant or meet up with the locals, and learn to prepare a traditional meal that you share together in their home.

An excursion in Rajasthan is quite a memorable one. Hidden amidst popular attractions and magnificent monuments, it’s the unexplored villages like Jawai that make Rajasthan the magical experience that it is.

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