The 10 Most Important Tips for Booking a Casa Particular

By CasaParticular | Jan 26, 2020
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The 10 most important tips for booking a casa particular.

1. Book a legal casa online.

2. Choose a casa with a good price. Casas with a price of 10-15 CUC per night are usually not the best.

3. Be patient when booking a casa particular.

4.Book your favorite casa in advance. Most casas only have 1 or 2 rooms available.

5. Inform in advance whether matters that are important to you. Such as air conditioning or lockers are present in the casa.

6. Contact the case owner 24 - 48 hours in advance to tell you that you are coming. Possibly stating time. So that a possible transfer from the airport or bus station can be arranged properly.

7. Put in your luggage everything you need for your hair and skin care, mouth and personal hygiene. As well as a small first aid kit (aspirins, plasters, antacids, condoms).

8. Please note that breakfast will cost around 3-5 CUC (it is not included in the price). Many casas also serve lunch and dinner.

9. Make sure you have enough cash in your pocket to pay for the casa. This is possible on arrival or on departure, this varies per casa.

10. Feel yourself at home. Your host will respect your privacy. Check your home: the hosts will respect your space and privacy. But you shouldn't miss the opportunity to talk to them to discover the real Cuba.



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Written by CasaParticular
On our site you will find hundreds of carefully selected casas particulares throughout Cuba. If you cannot make a choice, we will be happy to help you personally. In addition, we can also arrange your entire tour if required including rental car, bus or rental car with driver. Also for a tourist visa for Cuba you have come to the right place. For questions and reservations of a casa particular contact us at The Cuba specialist!

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