Cultural Revelations on a Sail Across the Brahmaputra

By IndeBo | Jun 28, 2019

The best part about travelling through an unexplored destination is that it opens one up to a magnitude of possibilities.

From high-energy adventures that give you the best adrenaline rush to a serene journey that leaves you feeling replenished – A well-planned trip is a perfect answer to a quick vacay to recharge your mind! One such experience is one of the most sought-after activities in Guwahati – The unique Brahmaputra River cruise.
Sometimes called the Old Man River, the majestic Brahmaputra originates from the Himalayas of Tibet and flows through to India and Bangladesh. Swelling up in the monsoon and rich with silt deposits, the river, almost as mighty as an ocean is a big part of the Assamese identity. The Brahmaputra River cruise is a big highlight in Assam from November to April when the rains have stopped and the weather is pleasant.

A boat-ride to watch the sunset, candle-light dinner over the waters or ride to an island party with cultural performances – There are many short cruises with specially curated activities, which make the perfect family holiday during this time. If you’re looking for a private group activity, exclusive boats for special views and short trips around the area can be easily arranged.

A Brahmaputra cruise is more than sailing on the waters – It’s a complete experience of a wavy river and the lands ashore. It’s a great opportunity for you to build the loveliest memories with your loved ones.
The Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site, is one of the most significant stops on the cruise. Wandering white rhinoceroses, leopards and deer midst lush high grass, a memorable elephant ride and a jeep-drive to spot the spectacular birds in the area – Kaziranga is all that breathtaking photographs are made of!

Sometimes the stops are seemingly ordinary but truly a blessing – Khirakata is no national park but is the most beautiful village you will come across. Surrounded by hills and rain-forests, this place is the perfect spot to stretch your legs and spend a quiet day exploring the vegetable fields and sharing a homely lunch and making conversation with the locals.

Watch the landscapes change as you visit the village of Tullugaon. Stroll along the sugarcane plantations, and watch the people make jaggery in their cottages. Prepare to be mesmerized as you come to a halt at Majuli – The world’s largest river island.
A cultural treasure, Majuli has several white-painted monasteries where monks perform their devotional dance called Matia Khora. The island is home to the ethnic Mishing community, where the women are experts at weaving traditional attires out of silk, which make for a wonderful souvenir that in turn supports the Mishing people.

There is a lot to gain here; learning about the cultural qualities and differences is the best way to create a socially aware and responsible workforce. Have an authentic Assamese meal at Sibsagar, the ancient capital of the Tai-speaking Ahom community, visit the 18th-century Shiva Dol, India’s highest Hindu temple and spend a relaxing afternoon at a tea estate making conversation with the local tribes and getting to know the culture in the area.
Every November, Majuli celebrates the four-day Majuli festival which makes for a great glimpse into the culture and traditions of the island. Authentic handicrafts, mouth-watering delicacies and artistic performances – The Majuli festival is quite unforgettable.

The Brahmaputra cruise gives you the most unique opportunity to have a hearty, meaningful time exploring nature and the indigenous culture in Assam. Make the most of all that this dreamy vacation has to offer!

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