Road Trip : Ahmedabad to Sasan Gir

I am going to talk about a trip to a place where you'll find unique animal, which is Royal and Loyal too.

I have been to the place, which is almost 370 kilometers from Ahmedabad in Gujarat and that is, the safe place for Asiatic lions and we can say, home for an Asiatic Lions i.e. Sasan Gir.
Yes, It was just three days trip and I explored Sasan Gir but my main objective was not to see lions but my main purpose of this trip was just to have relaxation and enjoyment. Here at Sasan Gir, it depends upon the weather condition and timings, that whether you will be able to spot the lions or not. but in most of the cases, people spot the lions in their Lion Safari.

Let's begin the trip...

Lush Green Farms

Lush Green Farms

Ahmedabad to Junagadh

My trip started from Ahmedabad and I want to mention that it was Road trip. Yes by road, anyone can travel from Ahmedabad to Junagadh or Sasan Gir. Roads are very smooth and if anyone starts from early morning, they can reach Sasan before 12.00 in the noon. I started from Ahmedabad at around 5:30 in the morning and my target was to reach Rajkot at around 10.00 am. From Ahmedabad to Rajkot and then Rajkot onwards, roads are really very good and which was beneficial for us that we could reach Junagadh by almost 12.30 pm. I actually enjoyed trip from Junagadh to Sasan because on both side of the highway, you'll find lush green fields and you'll also find fresh coconut water sellers on the highway. I will sure recommend that if you are travelling on your own vehicle, or a cab, you must try this fresh coconut water and its really amazing experience of having this on the highway.So, after having the sip of sweet and fresh coconut water, I moved further for my destination. This time we had chosen 'Farm Stay' and I must say, it was really amazing experience. We had chosen our place, which was just on the bank of Hiran River and Sasan was just 2 kms far from that place. My accommodation was really nice and it was surrounded by green field and lots of mango trees.

Beautiful Morning at Hiran River

Beautiful Morning at Hiran River

Accommodation with Lush Green Farm

The owner of this property is having very big farm where he has cultivated almost 1070 mango trees, all routine vegetables and some plants, which has medicinal values. This property is just on the bank of Hiran river. If anyone wants to stay in this property, they can book this accommodation online. This place has only 04 rooms which are really clean and with almost all the amenities. Our lunch and dinner was arranged by the owner of this property so, we got to eat authentic Kathiyawadi food which was prepared by the family members of the owner of the property. I really recommend this place for the authentic Gujarati food which is served by the owner and his family. They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and they are in very hygienic manner. The benefit of this place is, it is situated on the bank of Hiran river which gives really beautiful view from your rooms.
On first day we just did nothing and experienced the serenity and beauty of the place where we were staying.

It was indeed a pleasant morning as I woke up early in the morning for stargazing. I wanted to shoot some really mesmerizing time lapse, I woke up early and set my camera on Time-Lapse mode to welcome the Sun. It was day-2 and as I had decided, I started my car and we left for Somnath Temple.

Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple is 38 km appx. from the Sasan Gir.

The road from Sasan Gir to Somnath is really good and that is why I gave accelerator in car and reached Somnath temple in just 40-45 minutes. Somnath Temple has very good facility of vehicle parking but its little bit far from the temple premise.

Nothing is allowed in the temple premise. Not even wallet, purse or Mobile phones.

There was a long queue for the Darshan at Somnath temple but somehow we managed to take benefit of Darshan and then enjoyed cool breeze of Ocean which is just back side of the temple. We spent almost 1- 1.5 hours at the temple. As there was a warning of cyclone and because of high tide in the sea, I couldn't explore Somnath beach. That was really disappointing for the beach lover like me. As Somnath beach is a very good place but when I visited, it was closed for some reason.

The unique part of Somnath Temple is, you'll find an arrow in the temple premises which shows that "if you travel straight from that arrow, you'll reach South pole directly." That's really amazing and that was really new information for me.

The other place is just besides the Somnath Temple which will give you feel of Kerala. It has really lush green trees and a forest. It is just situated besides the Indian Ocean. You can explore here 'Five Pandavas Cave' but again I really tell you that this place reminded me of Kerala.

On our return journey from Somnath to Sasan Gir, we explored a shop on the highway where we tried flavoured milk and it was really nice. then we moved further towards Sasan and reached at the place of our accommodation at around 12.30 pm. When we returned, authentic Kathiyawadi lunch was waiting for us. We took a delicious lunch and decided to relax.
we spent our evening in the farm and explored various plants and crops which were there. I tried to ride tractor and it was really wonderful experience for me.

I can say a day well spent in the lap of nature. In the morning time we just went out but the almost half day, we were enjoying natural beauty.

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