Simmering by the seas of South India

Once fought over by colonial powers for its exotic spices, South India still plays a vital role in today’s Spice Route.

Along the way, our expert chefs will have you serving up spicy seafood and vegetarian dishes enjoyed in South India. Visit spice and pepper plantations, ancient temples and forts. Take cooking lessons on the banks of Kerala`s shimmering backwaters and in the lawns of our idyllic home-stays.

For The Food Aficionado In You

A sweet meet is what literally describes the start of this culinary tour for you. In Calicut, visit the Mithai Theruvu, the sweet meat or halwa street and see how the most common and famous dessert of India is made. In Thalassery on your second day, visit the local fish market before heading to Thrissur the next day to devour in innumerable items on the traditional pure vegetarian plate of Onasadya as you learn about the culture behind preparations and serving style. On way to your next stop, Kochi makes a pit stop to watch the famous banana chips in making. In Kochi awaits you a fishing auction followed by lunch at a local family with cooking demonstrations focused on fish preparations. Departing Kochi, you reach Thekkady for a walking tour through spice plantation followed by a visit to a cardamom processing unit.

Karimeen Pollichathu

Karimeen Pollichathu

Attend a cooking session to describe the use of different spices in Kerala meal followed by a hearty Barbeque dinner. Here you stay overnight in the spice plantation and visit an auction of all spices on your visit to nearby Puttady next morning. Attend an exclusive cooking demonstration on traditional Kerala & seafood cooking with local spices grown within the premises of the hotel. The flavours of Kerala follows you to your houseboat tour next day in Kumarakom where you learn to cook “Karimeen Pollichathu” – a local fish fry. Disembark at Philipkutty’s farm by late afternoon where you take a walking tour through the farmhouse to see the cultivation of different crops & understand the process of farming below sea level.

Syrian Christian

Syrian Christian

Also, see the toddy tapping (a local drink). Visit the local vegetable & fruit markets before trying your hand at Syrian Christian meal with assistance from your hosts. Spend the night at a farm before departing South India the next day.

  • Experience the simplistic comfort of a homestay at Aiyasha Mazil in Thalassery.
  • Watch a Theyyam dance performance, touted as the dance of the gods.
  • Take a sightseeing tour of Kochi by Tuk Tuk
  • Feed elephants and take a ride around the plantations of Thekkady
  • Experience a boat ride on the famous Periyar Lake
  • Witness life in the countryside of Kerala.
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