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By PacktoIran | Oct 14, 2020
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Tehran is the capital of Iran, known as the second-largest metropolitan area in the Middle East and it is among the cities that almost every traveler will visit during their trip to Iran and all Iran trip Itineraries will start or finish in this city. The 5 points below will help you have a memorable time and to manage your time more wisely in Tehran:

1 - Tehran Is Big!

Tehran has a land area of 730 km in square and a population of around 15 million people. Traffic jam is a thing that you should consider while visiting the city of modern life and skyscrapers because in this metropolitan you will experience it at least once. The hotels and hostels in downtown Tehran are the best choices as they are located around the main attractions and the main metro lines. To have enough time for city tours, get up early in the morning and check the public transportation schedule in advance. Also, consider the 30 kilometers distance between the city and Imam Khomeini International Airport and the possibility of heavy traffic before your flight back home.

Azadi Square - Tehran, Iran

Azadi Square - Tehran, Iran

2 - Tehran Is The City of Museums, Palaces And Art Galleries

Travelers with different interests like history, art, cinema, etc. can find their type of museum in Tehran, which is known as the city of museums. The National Museum of Iran which is a complete collection of objects from ancient civilizations in Iran, the Treasury of National Jewels kept in the Central Bank of Iran, the Carpet Museum of Tehran, and the Holy Defense Museum are only some of the examples of the numerous unique museums in this city.

The royal palaces of the Qajar and Pahlavi kings are other gems that you'll visit in Tehran. The magnificent Golestan Palace dating back to Qajar Period (1794-1925) is a world UNESCO heritage site and is a fine example of Persian architecture, art, and history that you shouldn't miss to visit. Niavaran Palace and Saad Abad Palace are remains of the Pahlavi Dynasty (1925-1979) that show the combination of glorious architecture and gardening.

With many art galleries, theater halls, and art events, Tehran is the hub of contemporary and modern art in Iran and if you are a fan of art, you are going to see what artists are doing today in the undiscovered country of Iran. The Iranian Artist Forum (Iranian Artist's House), the City Theater of Tehran, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Mohsen Gallery, Assar Gallery, Seyhoun Gallery, and O Gallery are among the places that art lovers find fascinating in Tehran.

Travelers visiting an art gallery - Tehran, Iran

Travelers visiting an art gallery - Tehran, Iran

3 - Tehran Is A Gastronomy City!

In Tehran, you can enjoy both amazing Persian cuisines like Dizi and Kebabs, and foreign foods at professional Indian, Chinese, Italian, Turkish restaurants. You can also have tasty fast foods and street foods while exploring Tehran. The old Moslem Restaurant located at Tehran Grand Bazaar, Divan Restaurant, Bistango International Cuisines, Kenzo Japanese Restaurant, Hestooran Restaurant, are the famous restaurants in Tehran and if you are a fan of street food, make sure to visit the 30th Tir Street, located beside the Iran National Museum.

A vegetarian restaurant - Tehran, Iran

A vegetarian restaurant - Tehran, Iran

4 - Public Transportation in Tehran

In Tehran, you have many options for taking safe and pocket-friendly public transportation.

Metro: Tehran metro system which is known as the fastest and easiest transportation in the city, is available from 5:30 am until 10:30 p.m. You can buy a metro card at one of the metro stations and use it, while you are in Tehran and you can also get a one-way ticket for 10,000 Rials each time you want to take metro. If you want to skip rush hours, do not take metro between 7-9 in the morning and 5-7 in the afternoon and if you are a female traveler experiencing women-only section might be interesting to you.

Taxies: In Tehran, by standing by the streets taxies will stop for you, but let the driver know about your destination before you ride. Also be noted that there are many unofficial taxies in Tehran, so yellow taxies are the safest. You also have other options like calling a taxi agency, reserving a private transfer online or using Snap (Iranian Uber).

Tehran, Iran

Tehran, Iran

5 - Ski Resorts Around Tehran

The ski resorts are the big surprises in Tehran. Being located on the foothills of Alburz Mountain Range, Tehran is lucky to be close to some of the best ski resorts in Iran and Dizin Ski Resort, Shemshak Ski Resort and Darbandsar Ski Resort are on the top of this list. To get to Dizin Ski Resort, which is known to be the best in the Middle East with a powdery and fresh snow, you'll have to take a 3-hour road trip from Tehran. And by taking a 70-kilometer mountainous ride you are going to arrive Shemshak and Darbandsar resorts to enjoy skiing on snowy slopes, in a country where you didn't expect to find snow!

Dizin Ski Resort - Tehran, Iran

Dizin Ski Resort - Tehran, Iran

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