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By byfoodandtravel | Oct 29, 2020
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Montana Jones Burger at Mpar Mpee Kiou

Montana Jones Burger at Mpar Mpee Kiou

The burger restaurants are a new trend in Athens the last 5 years. After many burgers and probably a few kilos heavier, this is our verdict about the best burgers in town :

1. Juicy Grill

There is reason why people are seeking this relatively small place in the streets of Cholargos and are lining outside to taste their excellent burgers. The meat is always fresh and the brioche bread is baked the same day. The burgers are grilled perfectly according to your request. The variety is big and the combinations tasty and original. The burger is served with excellent fried potatoes or a baked potato. The salads also are very good. No reservations here, so arrive early. Our favourite burger : New Yorker. (2 Kerameikou Street, Cholargos)

2. Munchy's

This place has created its own legacy in the northern suburbs of the city. Here they have three different varieties of beef burgers to choose from : New York – a combination of beef and bacon, Chorizo – a combination of beef and chorizo sausage and Angus – from 100% chuck eye roll. They have also chicken and other alternative burgers. The variety is sufficient and the combinations very tasty. The burgers are served with a good portion of fried potatoes and also the starters are very good. Our favourite burger : Munchy's Double. (9 Kassaveti Street, Kifisia)

3. Burger Joint

This is one of first places (if not the first) which introduced Athenians with a most sophisticated approach to burgers. The burgers are made with black angus meat, they are grilled medium-well and the bread is homemade. The variety is not very wide but the quality of the ingredients is what makes these burgers really special. They are served with fresh fried potatoes. You can find also delicious starters, salads (and pizza for those who don't want burger), and also a very good variety of non beef burgers. Our favourite burger : Umami (with goat cheese and truffle mayo !) (4 Dionisiou Solomou Street, Neo Psychiko & Plateia Nymfon 1, Glyfada)

Bourbon Bacon Jam Burger at Pax Burgers

Bourbon Bacon Jam Burger at Pax Burgers

4. Mpar Mpee Kiou (μπαρ Μπε Κιου)

What started as a common secret among the citizens of Piraeus, is no spreading all over the city and you can taste these really big burgers in 4 different spots. The burgers here are all XL, the variety is big, the combinations unique and the names of the burgers quite imaginative (e.g. Lemmy, Jackie Chan, The English Patient and many more). If you want you could add to your burger extra ingredients and it is served with fried potatoes. The mince is tasty but not very juicy. The place is usually overcrowded and you have to wait to find a table. Our favourite burger : Montana Jones. (13 Leoforos Freatidos, Freatida – Piraeus & 3 more spots)

5. Pax Burgers

A new arrival in downtown Athens has taken Athenians by surprise, after a successful career in Thessaloniki. This is a self-service restaurant on Aiolou street near Monastiraki Square. The burgers are not very big but they are extra tasty and juicy. They are very fresh, well grilled and with very good fillings. Good variety and very quick service despite the crowds that are usually waiting to be served. The only complaint is that the fried potatoes (for which you have to pay extra) are quite oily. In our opinion the best burger you can taste in the city centre (there is also option for take away or delivery). Our favourite burger : Bourbon Bacon Jam (34 Aiolou Street, Athens)

6. Burger AP

The famous Greek TV chef Akis Petretzikis said a few years before that he wanted to create the most delicious burger in the city. He created a cosy self-service restaurant and a selection of burgers with various fillings. There is of course a beef burger but also burger with chicken, duck, crab, pancetta, tagliata and falafel. You can add extra ingredients and there a surprising variety of sides to eat with your burger, from potatoes to nachos and truffle corn. The quality is excellent and this place is definitely an alternative to the classic burger house. The queue is usually long but the service is well organized and quick. Our favourite burger : “the classic” Burger AP. (16 Helvetias Street, Agia Paraskevi)

Burgers at Burger AP

Burgers at Burger AP

All the above places are excellent but there are two more, which didn' t make it to the top six due to minor details : Colibri is one of the places that introduce the burger to the city again and makes delicious burgers (along with pizza and cocktails) but it is necessary to update its catalogue (15 Empedokleous Street, Pagrati-Athens). On the other hand, Simply Burgers was the first delivery brand (and afterwards restaurants) to introduce again the authentic American burger (in 2003). During the course of years the quality was degraded but now it is making a comeback with a new catalogue and very good quality. Simply Burgers nowdays certainly worth a visit. (38 Antinoros Street, Pagrati-Athens & 9 more spots)

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