Variety is the Spice of Life

By Lucy_whereintheworld | Dec 28, 2021

We travel to invite new and exciting experiences to our life, to make us more interesting, and to cure our wandering minds. So why do we copy and repeat? Destinations, accommodations, and means of transport.

Flight, hotel, and a stay in some bizarre replica of your home nation making the only real imposing-change is the weather, and there is so much more to travel than that. I'm not suggesting anyone throws themselves into ignorant discomfort like uneducated culture vultures but varied adventures will do more for the soul than the causal comfort that leaves you unsatisfied and wanting more.

Instead of flying why not get the train, or a bus, or even a boat. Make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. We spend our whole lives waiting for what's next, get through today and I can go home, get through the week and it's the weekend, get to summer and then it's time for a holiday. So why shorten the reward, if every part of your trip is new and exciting, or at least an experience, then there's your spice.

My experience of ground-level travel has always been more stimulating than soaring above the clouds cramped in an uncomfortable seat surrounded by the overwhelming dullness of grey. You are within the bustle of the world rather than coasting over it. Watching the scenery whizz by the windows, jumping off for a local delicacy in an intermittent city, and being free to roam rather than being locked in a vessel is so liberating.

Take this one step further and broaden your comfort zone by staying somewhere quirky, a floating house, a yurt, you can even sleep in a converted London bus in Devon, England. Some of my best memories come from bizarre stays rather than the ease that comes with hotels. Camping especially, as campsites are usually in obscure places on the outskirts of the city, somewhere you many not usually venture and with that comes rural peace and usually an awe-inspiring view.

Life can be so formulated, don't let the mundane spill into your adventures; routine kills creativity after all. Playing it safe is boring, enliven your spirit by mixing it up.

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Written by Lucy_whereintheworld
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