Western & Southern India: A Food and Wine Tour for the Soul

By IndeBo | Jun 14, 2019
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Some of the most wonderful things that come with the diversity in India are the vibrant mix of cultures and cuisine. As one goes on discovering the country it becomes clear just how intriguingly different each part is.

From language, values, traditions to spices and taste, India moulds and changes according to its disposition. Very different to the North or the East, Western and Southern Indian customs and flavours share quite a few similarities that tie them together.
Although these regions are unique and at times contradictory, it’s an amazing experience for travellers to learn the newness and spot the resemblances. If you’re looking for a leisurely trip that takes you on a pleasant ride through culture, tranquillity and delicious food, a journey through West and South India is just what you need!

Midst the morning hustle and bustle of a crowd eager to get to a new day’s work, the city of dreams, Mumbai, is laced with street-shops selling the most scrumptious street food. Get ready to taste some authentic street food in a walk through the famous food street of Mumbai, known as Khau Gali.
From Mumbai, make your way to the beautiful city of Nashik for a walkabout at the Sula Vineyards. Dominating about 65% of today’s Indian wine market, Sula was founded in 1998. Here, they offer visitors a tour of the factory and a sublime wine-tasting session accompanied by a platter of olives, cheese and crackers.
The Fratelli Wines in Akluj, Solapur is another great stopover. Cycle around the premises and treat yourself to an exquisite tasting of Fratelli’s best reds and whites. A thali of spicy mutton stir-fry, Golyachi biryani, daal, bhakri and rice for lunch at a local eatery in Kolhapur is an accurate look into Maharashtrian food. Complex, hearty and full of spices, the everyday meal in Maharashtra is anything but bland.

Make friendly conversation and learn about the amalgamation of cultures in Goan cuisine as you try your hand at a Konkani recipe in a local home in Goa. It’s fascinating to notice how the flavours gradually change as one starts to move along the map. Established in 2008, the KRSMA vineyard in Hampi is a breezy stop on your way down Southern India.
A walking tour in Mysore is one of the most sought after experiences in town. Like all the other states in this part of the country, most of the food is rice based. There is more to Mysore cuisine that the famous dosa and idli that is well known all over the world as the food of the South.

The Mysore Pak, a melt-in-mouth dessert here will be the most unforgettable taste you’ve ever had! In Thalassery, take part in a workshop to get acquainted with the lesser-known Mappila cuisine, a mélange of Keralan and Arabic flavours.
A plate of the steaming shrimp tellicherry biryani here is a must! Take a luxurious houseboat in the backwaters from Alleppey to Kochi basking in the sun. Lazily stroll along the fresh produce markets in Kochi and join a cultural cooking group to learn about Kerala’s Syrian Christian cuisine and have a homemade meal.
As your journey through Western and Southern India gently comes to a close, revel in the exceptional moments, joy and deliciousness that this trip has brought to your life!

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