Full Day South Tour with Chamarel Coloured Earth and Curious Corner

A unique nature experience with stunning view at the Alexandra Waterfalls, Chamarel Viewpoint and Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth. Treat yourself to an amazing illusion adventure at the Curious Corner of Chamarel. Take photos of everyone having fun while sharing the joy and wonder of breath-taking illusions.

Full Day South Tour of Mauritius with visit to The Alexandra Falls, Chamarel Viewpoint, Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth and The Curious Corner of Chamarel

Alexandra Falls
Located some 700 meters above the sea level, the incredible Alexandra Falls is found in the Black River Gorges National Park and is one of the most emblematic sites of the island. The electrifying green of the region, the diverse luxuriant flora and fauna and the magnificent landscapes altogether make it a wonderful way to connect with nature. Famous not only for its breathtaking beauty, Alexandra Falls also offers visitors the chance to live a unique experience with nature.

Chamarel Viewpoint
Situated on the South West region of Mauritius, Chamarel is considered as a true natural heritage. You will get to see what mother nature has created as heaven on earth.
The Chamarel ViewPoint is located nearby other beautiful attractions including the famous Seven Coloured Earth, the Chamarel Waterfalls among others. The Chamarel Viewpoint is a family friendly spot for you to get an amazing panoramic view of the whole Chamarel village laid beneath your eyes. It gives you the opportunity to admire the amazing Chamarel region including the ebony forest and green hills everywhere.

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth
Nature has her own ways of piquing our curiosity and Chamarel’s Seven Coloured Earth is one of those surreal things. Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth is one spectacular Geo Park destination, one of Mauritius’ most iconic attractions. Either for geology enthusiasts, nature lovers or those who simply want to understand more about this rare and impressive phenomenon, this is a unique experience. The Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth is a relatively small area of sand dunes comprising of sand of seven distinct colours (approximately red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow). Due to the tropical weather conditions, all water-soluble elements such as silicon dioxide have been washed out.

Curious Corner of Chamarel
The Curious Corner of Chamarel is the first of its kind in Mauritius: a house full of illusion and mysteries to arouse your curiosity, sharpen your senses and stimulate your creativity. The Curious Corner will surely amaze you with more than 40 curios and exhibits scattered on some 5000 square meters. This extraordinary house is worth a visit. Once you enter the house, you will immerse yourself in a funny but curious adventure where your common sense will be tested by means of enigmas, curios, puzzles and mind mazes specially designed to turn you upside down. Explore it all!

Upside Down Room
Discover the kitchen, living room and dining room in this upside down world.

Ames Room
The Curious Corner Ames Room is a family favourite photo opportunity.

Mirror Maze
See infinite reflections of yourself and have a laugh as you use all your senses to find your way out.

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