Traditional Food and Wine Tasting Tour

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Explore the eating routines of Bulgarians while strolling through beautiful Sofia - enjoy a traditional breakfast, full on Bulgarian lunch and the best part - wine tasting session of exquisite Bulgarian wines, cheeses and meat cuts. Visit 4 specially selected food venues and munch on local specialities during a relaxed walk.

If there is something all travelers share about Bulgarian cuisine it is that our food is not simply delicious, but authentic and real. See for yourselves with our traditional food and wine walking tour.

Eat like a Bulgarian and learn many curious facts about the history, culture and traditions of Bulgaria. Join passionate local foodies and visit 4 specially selected venues to get the genuine taste of Sofia!

Enjoy local must try dishes, wines and specialities from selected local farms!

Make sure to come on an empty stomach because this food tour will be like visiting the Bulgarian grandma you wish you had! :)

Tour Venues:

1) Bakery - homemade recipes and lots of love shape the perfect "banitsa", try it together with its best friend - the "ayran"!

2) Wine Bar
Taste 3 traditional Bulgarian wines accompanied by cheeses and meat cuts, all produced in small organic or bio farms.

3) Traditional Restaurant - feel the vibe of Bulgarian folklore and taste typical dishes like sarma, beans, lyutenitsa, shopska salad and a shot of our local spirit!

4) Coffee time - Enjoy the exquisite opportunity to try traditional Oriental cup of coffee - boiled in a copper pot in hot sand.

Departure point: University of Sofia
Arrival point: Central Market Hall

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Hello! We are a team of professional tour guides who are eager to show you the best of our city - Sofia. We have created not just tours but complete experiences because when you visit a city you should really feel its vibes and get to know its true spirit. We believe sharing our passion for history, architecture, food and wines contributes to the real exploration of Sofia and Bulgaria

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