Hiking the Blue Agave Trail from Mazatlan

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Learn about native flora and fauna in Sinaloa's tropical deciduous forest. Visit a 140-year-old tequila factory and try award-winning tequilas. Immerse yourself in local cuisine and taste a secret family recipe.

Buried deep in the land of Los Osuna, a 140-year-old tequila factory, the Blue Agave Trail flows through Cardon cactus forests, fruit trees, blue agave fields and the secluded ruins of an old clandestine distillery. Explore tequila’s history in Sinaloa through a hike in this trail used by the factory workers over a hundred years ago and discover the flora and fauna of the tropical deciduous forest.

Get immersed in the artisanal production process of this award-winning product by meeting the people behind it, visiting the factory and getting to taste the different types of tequila they produce.

Taste the local cuisine and connect with the town of La Noria, as Doña Carolina opens her house and shares one of her secret recipes with us. Feels like a warm hug!

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