Explore The Culture and Wildlife of Rajasthan, India

This 14-day photo tour takes our traveller along a richly historic route, where we combine nature, wildlife and cultural immersion across the stunning landscapes of Rajasthan. You will also receive guided instruction to bring home photos you will be proud of.

India is the land that evokes flights of imagination and curiosity, a canvas of spectacle and colour. Ruled by a succession of native kingdoms and often overrun and inhabited by invading armies of Central Asian origin, followed by the Mughals and finally the British, the transformation has been never-ending, and the results are profoundly and visibly etched in today’s milieu.

A profusion of races and cultures, and the magnitude of their legacies, are evident today. This extraordinary journey takes the traveller along a richly historic route, full of lore and splendour, punctuated by photographic opportunities, and features varied sightseeing and sojourns in historic places.

Over 14 days we will visit the following:
-Tour Delhi - both old and new
-We will travel via air to Raipur and visit Kanha National Park and Pench National Park to see tigers in the wild as well as other wildlife endemic to India, such as the Barasingha.
-We will visit small towns and villages to get a view into the locals - how they live and celebrate their cultures.
-We will visit local markets nearby Kanha that will show you the charming traditional markets and how the Indian people thrive on these important markets.
-You will get the opportunity to sleep outside under the stars alongside local farmers, who keep an eye out for wildlife encroachment on their crops. Known as the "Star Bed Concept" within Jamtara Wilderness Camp.
-We will fly to Udaipur where you will visit the City of Lakes, and see this area up close and personal through a heritage walking tour, where you will also see such amazing sites as the Udaipur City Palace, laden in tiles, glasswork and mosaics reminiscent of the times, when Maharajas ruled the land.
-You will see the Jagdish Temple, which is a very religious site for the Hindus.
-You will stay in a HomeStay with a local family and learn how to cook authentic Indian dishes.
-You will be guided on a walking tour by a local Village man, as he imparts stories of the local lore and culture.
-We will visit the blue city of Jodhpur and be immersed in the local Marwar festival, immersing yourself in Rajasthani culture and dance.
and much more.

You will stay in 4 and 5-star lodging and everything you will need is covered on this trip (see exclusions above).

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