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Anasa is a words that comes from Swahili language and it means luxury, pleasure. This is for me the definition of a travel. Travelling is the most beautiful thing to do in life and it is a pleasure but also a luxury. Not only because it is necessary to have opportunities, but also because who travels can have an open mind and have different points of view on the life. You can also find the word Anasa in Greek labguage and it means breath. But this is not part of my choice, even do for me to travel is like to breathe. That explains the name Anasa for the blog. I am a man and a business traveller. I started my blog almost by joke and now it became my new passion. My goal is just to share my travel experiences and some tips about the destinations that I visit, including products and services that I try. I like to explore the culture and to meet people, so if I have to choose between luxury and local experiences, I choose the second option. If you want to see common and less known places and find some advices about luxury trips, follow me. You won't regret.

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