About Triptipedia

What is Triptipedia?

Triptipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia of travel tips, everyone can contribute. Our travel tips are written by travelers, locals, tourism professionals and governmental tourism information centers.

What differentiates Triptipedia from other online and paper resources is that it offers different points of view for a given location or topic, rather than a generic information sheet. Travel is indeed very subjective, and everyone's perspective is unique.

Our Business Model

Triptipedia is an entirely self-funded and profitable project, we are free from all kinds of external pressure (financial, investors, etc). This allows us to make thoughful decisions that are more respectful of our users.

Triptipedia's core, the encyclopedia of travel tips, is and will always be free to use. Our revenue channels are:

Our Values

We believe in simplicity. We want you to enjoy using Triptipedia, whether you're a reader, a writer, a supplier or a customer.

Our website is meant to be clear, straightforward and fast (we know what it's like to look for information on a slow wifi, in the middle of nowhere). We won't disturb you with newsletter popups, access to your location, notification permission, and so on.

We won't use dark patterns to trick you:

  • You can delete your account in one click.
  • Travel tips can be deleted using the trash icon in your interface
  • Our cancel and unsubscribe buttons are always easily found
  • You can contact us directly by email (and reply to the emails we automatically sent)
  • Our terms of use can be understood by everyone.

If you feel that we can improve on one of these points, feel free to contact us.

A Bit of History

The idea of creating a travel blog came up during our travels. Rather than telling our story, we wanted to make something that would contain practical information, something that would help other travelers anywhere in the world. We quickly realized that doing that on our own would be close to impossible and that we needed the help of a community. And so was born Triptipedia, a collaborative encyclopedia of travel tips.

- Clem & Xim, founders of Triptipedia