How to Contribute to Triptipedia & Guidelines

Triptipedia is a collaborative project, everybody can write a travel tip to share with the community, it's free! Our contributors are very diverse:


What's a travel tip?

A travel tip is basically an article sharing advice or important information that travelers might find useful.

You can find examples on the travel tips page.

Why contribute?

As a contributor, you'll get your own Triptipedia profile featuring: picture, bio, website URL, social media & travel tips (and also tours and accommodations for suppliers).

We feature Triptipedia's top contributors on:

Each one of your travel tips has a Written by section at the bottom showing your profile, with links to your website and social media.

We feature you on our social media:

Exclusive travel tips (never published elsewhere) can be monetized and earn revenue. Read all the information on the dedicated page.


You'll need a minimum of 200 words and 1 picture to submit a travel tip. You must be the author of the travel tips that you submit on Triptipedia.

We don't require exclusive content, you can re-use your blog posts, as long as you are the original author.


The pictures submitted to Triptipedia must be legally available for use. If you submit a picture that is not yours, you must comply with its license. Watermarked/logoed pictures are not allowed.

Choosing a topic to write about

You are free to choose the topic you want to write about, we only require that it is travel-related. Contributors often pick a specific place, but it's not mandatory.

Display topic ideas for your travel tips

Writing a successful travel tip

So far, 2,703 travel tips have been published on Triptipedia, which gives us some hindsight on what kind of content gets popular.

Here are a few suggestions to increase your chances of success:

Feel free to have a look at the travel tips already published, they can be a great source of inspiration.

Self-promotion and advertisement

You can use your public profile to talk about your business and / or activity, link your website and social media. However, doing so in a travel tip itself is a paying feature.

If you wish to publish a sponsored travel tip, please contact us.

More information

The complete rules are available on our terms of use page. Feel free to also have a look at our FAQ.

Getting started

Travel tips are submitted directly on Triptipedia via our online editor, all you need to get started is to create an account:

Get started

These guidelines are for travel tips only. Here is the information related to tours & activities and accommodations.