Feb 16, 2020• by meganywhere

    The End of the Road: Things to do in Hana, Hawaii

    Someone once told me that “the only thing to do once you get to Hana is turn around.” I respectfully disagree! The Road to Hana is an iconic experience to have on Maui, and a bucket list activity... read more

    Feb 17, 2020• by livinlikestef

    Why You Should Definitely Consider Travelling Solo!

    Hi everyone! The first time I travelled solo was when I went on my Erasmus. I was 18, going on a 5 hour flight at 2AM, a 45 minute airport transfer and another 1 hour flight to Finland. I had no idea... read more

    Feb 17, 2020• by HappyTravellingGuy

    How to Organize Your Road Trip: Our 13 Tips!

    Making a good road-trip is not something you can improvise. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here are our 13 tips that will help you prepare for it and make it a success! A road-trip is something... read more

    Feb 17, 2020• by NinaZee

    59 Rivoli - a Unique Former Squat

    Are you looking for a unique, artistic experience close to the heart of Paris, then 59 Rivoli is the place to go. While this is not "street art", walking up and down the spiral staircase you feel... read more

    Feb 15, 2020• by jessyaroundtheworld27

    Impressions of London

    I have been to London several times, and basically the emotions and impressions that this city gave me can be divided into two periods: the period of adolescence and naivety, and the period of... read more

    Feb 15, 2020• by Cassie - thosetraveldays blog

    Overcoming a Fear of Flying in 8 Steps

    In 2013, I took a flight home from Rome and cried in fear throughout. I would not let go of my friend’s hand and suffered wave after wave of suffocating panic until we landed. For the next... read more

    Feb 15, 2020• by MyCubaRentals

    Festivals in Cuba

    Cuban music is very rich and is the most commonly known expression of Cuban culture. Here are some of the best festivals. This is a music festival held in the city of Santa Clara. In remembrance of... read more

    Feb 14, 2020• by meganywhere

    Top 5 Beaches on O'ahu

    With so many beaches on the island of O’ahu, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Depending on whether you are on the windward or leeward side of the island, the beaches can vary quite dramatically... read more

    Feb 14, 2020• by MyCubaRentals

    How Much Does It Cost to Go Around Cuba?

    There are many ways to move in Cuba... taxi, bus, motorcycle, coco-taxi, bicycle and classic cars... some ways are better than others depending on what you prefer to do on your trip. Having your... read more

    Feb 14, 2020• by Lets Playy

    Top Things To Do In Rishikesh

    Rishikesh is one of the most popular destination where you can discover lots of things and activities. Rishikesh is a city set in the beautiful mountainous state of Uttarakhand and a location so... read more

    Feb 13, 2020• by Lets Playy

    Mind-Blowing Things To Do in Manali

    With a vast bucket of things to do in Manali, a trip to this alluring hillock will definitely be a memorable one. There are an endless number of things to do in Manali for fun and peace. On one hand... read more

    Feb 13, 2020• by meganywhere

    Do This, Not That: Guide to New York City

    Having lived in NYC now for almost five years and hosting my fair share of visitors, I’ve learned what is “worth it” and what is simply not. Tourist traps are all over NYC and it’s easy to... read more

    Feb 12, 2020• by MichelleSegrest

    A Walking Tour of Lisbon, Portugal

    Seeing Portugal from the sea is spectacular. We had sailed four days from Vigo, Spain and cruised into the heart of Lisbon. We moored at the Parque das Nações (park of the nations) Marina, which... read more

    Feb 10, 2020• by marikomarovsky

    Across the U.S. Rust Belt: Tips for Food and Family Activities

    When we visited the US this past summer, we had a two-week gap in our travel itinerary between New York and Chicago. So we decided to cross over from the East Coast to the Midwest by land. Within two... read more

    Feb 11, 2020• by eintravelgirl

    Top 3 Places to Visit on Lake Brienz, Switzerland

    I’ve read stories about Lake Brienz being one of the most spectacular lakes in Switzerland, but to see it in reality, it’s something else. It has to be the tropical color of the lake, the... read more