Jul 8, 2020• by caleotravel

    What You Absolutely Need to Do/See in Miami

    Living in Miami might sound like a dream to everyone, and this is exactly why I decided to start this blog with this very city, because I spent a year there. I can’t hide I fell in love with the... read more

    Jul 8, 2020• by Planmyeuropetrip

    UFO Observation Deck in The Capital of Slovakia

    The most iconic building of Bratislava are the castle and the UFO observation deck. You can see them on many photos. Now I would like to give you some information about the observation deck and show... read more

    Jul 8, 2020• by VisitExeter

    Get on The Water in Exeter

    In Exeter, we’re blessed to be surrounded by glorious canals, rivers, estuaries and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast that are perfect for watersports! Your journey opportunities are endless, there... read more

    Jul 8, 2020• by ThessalonikiTourismOrg

    Sun Sea Sand in Thessaloniki

    Thessaloniki has 13 beaches that have been awarded the 2020 Blue Flag status for high water quality standards, with deep blue waters, golden sand but also green surroundings. Very well organized... read more

    Jul 8, 2020• by SeaOneWorld

    Memories of Barbados

    Barbados is an independent island located at the eastern most point of the West Indies. It is a famous touristic place attracting mostly British, American and Canadian visitors. The island offers a... read more

    Jul 7, 2020• by EmbryAdventureCo

    Exploring Blackfoot Idaho (there's more than you'd think!)

    Ah Blackfoot, Idaho...or the land of carbs as I like to call it. Perhaps you've never considered a vacation to Idaho, "Nothing to see there" you mutter to yourself as you scan flights to Cancun... read more

    Jul 7, 2020• by wasatch

    Staying at Prague Intercontinental Hotel

    We stayed two nights at the Prague Intercontinental Hotel on a Danube River cruise that started by putting in Prague. The cruise company selected the hotel for overnight on days one and two of... read more

    Jul 7, 2020• by Women_Travel_Groups

    36 Women only Travel Companies Around the World for Your Solo Girls Trip

    Why are there so many exclusive ladies only travel companies who arrange trips for girls travelling solo but not for men? Well because no matter what we pretend we are still living in a misogynist ... read more

    Jul 7, 2020• by Wanderwoman_789

    5 Reasons You Should Rent a Car for Your Next Road Trip!

    Every time I planned a road trip in India, I was in a dilemma- to rent or not to rent! That’s when I realized a lot of us would be faced with a dilemma like this, more often than not. While I... read more

    Jul 7, 2020• by cocoabuttertravel

    Living and Working in Hostels

    I have been working in hostels for the past two years in Australia. So here are the things that you have to take into account if you want to work in a hostel (in Australia). So the first thing... read more

    Jun 27, 2020• by Apeacock

    7 Reasons to Not Visit Melbourne

    Unfortunately, I lived in Melbourne in 2015 for 12 months. I am still to this day shocked by what the city scarred me with. I walk everywhere comparing my current life to Melbourne, it’s so good... read more

    Jul 6, 2020• by VisitExeter

    Exploring Exeter's Quayside This Summer

    Exeter's Quayside is one of the most attractive areas of the city, popular with locals and visitors alike for its interesting architecture, artisan shops and lively pubs, cafes and restaurants. The... read more

    Jul 4, 2020• by Apeacock

    Time Travel

    Travelling is about having the time of your life. You look back and reminisce about those memories. When I think about the possibility of time travel, I am taken back to barging through France. It is... read more

    Jul 4, 2020• by JoExplores

    A Quick Guide to Belém, Portugal

    If you would like to venture a little bit further out of central Lisbon, the district of Belém is a perfect getaway from a city life. It's located 7 kilometres south-west of Lisbon's centre, at... read more

    Jul 5, 2020• by travellingwithmynikon

    Spend a Few Days in Fife

    If you have a few days free while in Edinburgh, you can spend it visiting the attractions and villages in Fife. The medieval village & Royal Burgh of Culross (pronounced Coo-riss) is in the Kingdom... read more

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