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    Sep 19, 2020• by LaurentiuS

    Fragrance of Porto

    If you want to travel, this is a great destination for a vacation. Here are some tips and tricks about Porto. Portugal's UNESCO city, where the wine flows and the colorful buildings shine in the...

    Jul 23, 2020• by Forever_in_Travel

    25 Things to Do in Porto

    European Best Destination in 2012, 2014, and 2017, Porto has started attracting the attention of travellers tired of the traditional tourist draws in Europe, who now flock from worldwide to...

    May 9, 2020• by Anaseastheday

    Triple Travel Guide: Porto

    Ah, Porto. The birthplace of the Port wine, friendly inhabitants and a charming city centre. What’s not to like about it, you might wonder. I went on a two-day trip to Porto and Guimarães from...

    Dec 6, 2019• by sundaytourism

    Porto's Judaism

    The history of Porto is undoubtedly connected with two main religions present in the Dark Ages of the Invicta city: Catholicism and Judaism. Know the medieval Golden Age and rough times of the...

    Nov 22, 2019• by Tania

    What to eat in Porto, Portugal - a Francesinha!

    Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal which left a deep 'cityprint' on my heart. Although best known for its port wine production, and breath snatching scenery, it has so many other endearing...

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