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    Feb 8, 2023• by Crazytravelwoman123

    London Calling, Why Not Say Hello?

    Who would ever say no to a long weekend?! 100% not me and London is always calling me back. I've been a number of times over the years and visited amazing places such as Houses of Parliament...

    Feb 5, 2023• by byfoodandtravel

    Ohrid - a Visit to One of the Oldest Lakes in Europe

    Lake Ohrid is located on the mountainous border between southwestern North Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is one of the deepest (294 m) and oldest lakes in Europe, with a unique aquatic...

    Jan 30, 2023• by wasatch

    How to Eat Breakfast in France

    Here is a French paradox: Why does the country with the best food in the world serve the world's worst breakfast? On our first visit to France, we looked forward with eager anticipation to...

    Jan 20, 2023• by wasatch

    How France Invented Tourism

    A road trip is one of the most popular ways to vacation. The Michelin Tire company invented the road trip in the early 20th C. The Michelin Tire Co. About 100 years ago, management at Michelin-- the...

    Jan 1, 2023• by HerLifeAdventures

    The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland List

    In May 2018, I took a road trip around the Ring Road of Iceland. Along the way, I fell in love with the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland so I made this list of waterfalls for you to tour. This...

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    Charming B&B in Loire Valley between Gien and Briare

    $68 - $91 / 2 
    Saint Brisson sur Loire, France
    Bed and breakfast

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