Earn money with your travel tips

We display relevant tours & activities from our suppliers under your travel tips.

You can earn passive income through your travel tips with a commission when one of your readers completes a booking.

How it works

How it works

Our algorithm selects the most relevant tours or activities to display right under your monetized travel tip.

If a reader clicks on a tour or an activity and books it, you'll earn a commission equal to 5% of the total booking price. If a booking amounts to $500 that's $25 for you.

The price of our tours ranges from $10 to $2000+ per person.

We put a 2-year cookie, in case your reader comes back to complete the booking later.



A monetized travel tip needs to follow the normal guidelines plus a few requirements:

  • At least 1,000 words
  • At least 5 pictures, preferably your own but public domain pictures are accepted
  • Exclusive content: your travel tip must never have been published before
  • Great quality: excellent English and writing style
Get paid

Get paid

Request a payment from your user interface, on the 15th of each month, with Paypal or wire transfer (IBAN) (transfer charges may apply).

A $50 balance is required.

Walk away at any time

Walk away at any time

Your travel tip still belongs to you.

You are free to delete it (delete icon on your user interface) at any time and use it somewhere else, no questions asked.

Getting started

Getting started

Start by writing a normal travel tip.

When you'll reach 1,000 words, a checkbox will appear in the preview: monetize this travel tip, check it before submitting your travel tip.

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