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Apr 7, 2020• by triptipedia

Coronavirus Information and Resources

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, it is advised not to travel. Please postpone your travel plans as much as possible. Travel restrictions are getting more and more severe, don't take the risk... read more

Apr 7, 2020• by wasatch

Austria: the Best of the EU

On our 17th European vacation, we concluded that Austria was the best destination in Europe. After 45 EU vacations, we modified that to Austria and Prague are the best, but Prague is really part of... read more

Apr 6, 2020• by onnewrealms

Overnight train in Vietnam – Our experience with the first class sleeper

We stayed in Vietnam one month so we had the chance to travel by train for long hours. These trains are crossing the country from the North to South every single day. We chose to book a trip from... read more

Apr 6, 2020• by lionsdetour

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for a Long Journey

Taking your motorcycle out of the garage and heading off on a big adventure is a thrilling moment in any rider’s life. Leaving your home for the open road, covering hundreds, thousands, even... read more

Apr 5, 2020• by wasatch

How to Eat in Europe: What to Eat Where

All the travel guide books tell us one of the points of travel is to experience other cult rues, and eating local traditional food is one of the best of these experiences. Regrettably, globalization... read more

Apr 3, 2020• by shaz_onthemove

Buying a SIM Card in Kenya

There is a well-developed communication system for both domestic and international services. Phone and internet are the most common means of communication in Kenya. The internet, email and... read more

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Tours & Activities

    Home-meal with a family at home

    We are a family teaching how to cook Japanese home-meal at our home in Kyoto. Let's cook together!

    by Shane

    Scottsdale Segway Tour

    See the sights of Scottsdale on a Segway i2 Personal Transporter with the “Old Town Exploration Tour.” Roll with us into the historic Old Town Scottsdale District and glide your way through Scottsdale’s most renowned Downtown area. Experience everything from the preserved rustic traditions to the unique art scene and outdoor sculptures.

    The Richtis Waterfall and North Coast day trip

    A full day trip to the spectacular waterfalls at Richtis. Experience thrilling off-roading, wonderful scenery and a short Jungle like walk to the falls. You can also enjoy a swim in the refreshing spring water.

    Coronavirus Information & Resources