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Oct 28, 2020• by Lauratravelbug

Michigan - The Great Beer and Bike State

Trail usage is on the rise for runners, hikers, and bikers of all levels… especially the mountain bike niche. Dirt shredders and their two-wheeled creatures have come out of their homes from the...

Oct 28, 2020• by Yula_Traveller

Newfoundland: The Elliston Puffins

One of our favourite adventures in Newfoundland was seeing puffins up close and personal. We headed to the Bonavista Peninsula, to visit the Adorable Puffins in Elliston Newfoundland. We had no idea...

Oct 26, 2020• by hintonthetrail

Exploring Yellowstone: Part 1

Yellowstone became the first national park in 1872. It spans over three states and is situated above a supervolcano giving it some very cool geothermal features. Hot springs, paint pots, geysers...

Oct 24, 2020• by hintonthetrail

Best 8 Sights in Arches That Will Blow Your Mind; Top Hikes & Sights

If you haven't been to Arches National Park, you need to go, even if it's for a drive-through. It might be hard to just drive through because this place is so mind-blowing and easy to explore that...

Oct 22, 2020• by hintonthetrail

Best of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has been on our bucket list for years! We finally made it a reality and at the right time too as the November weather in Arizona was just perfect for outdoor activities… mostly...

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