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Feb 18, 2019• by Desire

Reasons to visit Nuevo León - México

And back from Monterrey! Back to the warm Caribbean temperatures 🙂 But during these days in the north of México, along with another trip there that I did like one year and a half ago, give me the...

Aug 22, 2018• by Julia_T

Guanajuato: Main Bus Station to Historic City Center by Bus

If you come to Guanajuato by bus (typically with ETN, Estrella Blanc, First Plus or Primera Plus), you'll end up in Guanajuato Central Bus Station (Central de Autobuses de Guanajuato, in...

Jun 28, 2018• by Plush

Cheap way to go from Victoria Airport (BC) to Downtown

There is no direct bus from the Victoria Airport (YYJ) to Downtown Victoria. If you take the bus just outside the airport (bus 88) you'll have to transfer once or twice depending on the route you...

May 30, 2018• by paulga

Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Exploration Site

When visiting our world famous Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Exploration Site, do not forget to visit Cape Enrage, Fundy National Park and the Fundy Trail Parkway all within easy reach from our site...

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