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    Mar 23, 2021• by Techno_Mads

    The 8 Cheapest European Cities to Visit on a Budget 2021

    Europe represents a compelling blend of vibrant culture, striking landscape and rich history on the one hand and a money-guzzling beast on the other. Sadly, European city breaks are far from renowned...

    Feb 8, 2021• by dourowalks

    Witness the Cycles of Nature, the Work and The Days in Douro Valley

    The Portuguese Douro is a kind of an unpolished stone, proud of its imperfections, struggling to maintain them, in a way. There is this idea inside each one of us that there is no need to rush, time...

    Nov 25, 2020• by nerdyglobetrotters

    Summers in Benagil Caves to Escape “You Know Who”

    We “planned” to travel a lot in 2020 but, as you all are well aware, sometimes things don't work out as planned. It's been a crazy year with a lot of our flight tickets cancelled. Still, we were...

    Nov 19, 2020• by gonetodiscover

    5 Traditional Portuguese Dishes you Need to Try

    It's time to write about our favourite topic again… FOOD! If we aren't eating, we are thinking about eating, planning our next meal or researching a new restaurant to try. As much as we love to...

    Nov 4, 2020• by gonetodiscover

    The Best Beaches in Alvor, Algarve, Portugal

    In Alvor, Algarve you really are spoiled for beaches. There are different styles of beaches depending on what you want. On one hand you have the beautiful and interesting coves of the Três Irmãos...

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    Where to stay

    Cozy Ljmonade Hostel in Cascais Village, Portugal

    $15 - $95 / 2 
    Cascais, Portugal

    More details 

    Salgados Beach Villas

    $225 - $650 / 2 
    Albufeira, Portugal

    More details 

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    What to do

    Hiking in Douro Valley

    From $85 - $95 / person
    Pinhão, Portugal
    6 hours

    More details 

    Porto Authentic Walking Tour + Port Wine Tasting

    From $20 / person
    Porto, Portugal
    3 hours

    More details 

    3 Wine Houses & 10 Wines + Tapas Private Tour

    From $42 / person
    Porto, Portugal
    3 hours

    More details 

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