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    Mar 23, 2021• by Techno_Mads

    The 8 Cheapest European Cities to Visit on a Budget 2021

    Europe represents a compelling blend of vibrant culture, striking landscape and rich history on the one hand and a money-guzzling beast on the other. Sadly, European city breaks are far from renowned...

    Oct 22, 2020• by gonetodiscover

    A Few of the Best Day Trips Away From Lisbon

    We loved our 4 weeks in Lisbon and we thought the city was a great place to be in the week and on the weekends. We spent weekend afternoons wandering around the city, checking out the cute streets of...

    Oct 6, 2020• by gonetodiscover

    A Quick Guide to Using Electric Scooters in Lisbon (& Elsewhere)

    If you are in Lisbon it's really hard not to notice and talk about the Electric Scooters. They are one of Nathan's favourite things since we have been here. We came across them earlier in the...

    Oct 1, 2020• by gonetodiscover

    "Illegal" Chinese Restaurants in Lisbon - Are They??!!

    Having only been in Lisbon 3 days a classmate from language school suggested we head to a place he had been to. He told us in Lisbon there was such a thing as an ‘illegal Chinese...

    Sep 29, 2020• by gonetodiscover

    Visiting Lisbon During a Global Pandemic (Coronavirus/COVID-19)

    Just to start with a disclaimer - these are all personal opinions of ours based on our time in Lisbon and August 2020. We had already delayed moving to Portugal from April 2020 and only in August...

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