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    Sep 28, 2021• by dourowalks

    Harvesting Season in Douro Valley

    The harvest in the Douro Valley is an excellent way to live one of the highest moments to local people – it's time to pick the grapes. You can join a local family and participate in their work. Or...

    Feb 8, 2021• by dourowalks

    Witness the Cycles of Nature, the Work and The Days in Douro Valley

    The Portuguese Douro is a kind of an unpolished stone, proud of its imperfections, struggling to maintain them, in a way. There is this idea inside each one of us that there is no need to rush, time...

    Apr 10, 2020• by dourowalks

    Experiences in Douro Valley

    Look at four experiences you can have in Douro Valley: The walking paths are a way of accessing the fields. Apart from that, they are a window to the cycles of nature, the work and the days in the...

    Mar 5, 2020• by dourowalks

    What to do in Douro Valley in Spring?

    If you are planning your trip abroad, Douro valley, in Spring, is an option that you should consider. This unique region won't let you down. But, what to do? Well, the possibilities are not endless...

    Mar 2, 2020• by dourowalks

    Hiking in Douro Valley

    This experience is a walking tour through the vineyards, olive grove, almond trees and pines (to give us a bit of shade!) of the Douro. At the end of the walk, have a picnic with homemade food and...

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    Hiking in Douro Valley

    From $85 - $95 / person
    Pinhão, Portugal
    6 hours

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