Tanzania Safari in a Luxury Tented Camp

Osinon Camps and Lodges, Extra Touches, Extreme Comfortability

Just a few miles drive from Seronera airstrip in the heart of Serengeti National Park, there lies a true wilderness retreat in the name of Osinon Camp. Set under the stunning umbrella of the acacia trees, Osinon is the perfect camp for exploring the centre of Serengeti.

Positioned in the central Serengeti, which was voted the best safari park in Africa, our luxury camp gives you a unique chance to view a stunning array of wildlife passing from Southern Serengeti to the Northern corridor.

With big 5, the world's largest wildebeest's migration in the Serengeti, the evening sundowner at our amazing fireplace and bush dinner, Osinon puts you in the centre of it all.
The comforts embrace 14 luxury en-suite canvas tents including a family tent with a perfect private lounge all giving you a spectacular view of the endless plains of Serengeti.


It has been a surprise to most of our guests how a bush located property can have these quality amenities with a luxury touch

Comfortable king/queen size bed
This is available in every tent which also accommodates a traditional sofa, study table, chair and of course a classic coffee table.

Complimentary Wireless
Be prepared to surf by our speedy complimentary wireless. Unlike many camps, our camp gives you a wide extension of free wifi that you can access even when in your room.

Reliable power
We understand that emergency happens now and then, it is with this reason we have backed up our 24 hours solar power with a quality generator to help you charge your cellphones, cameras and laptops.

Reliable hot shower
With 24 hours solar power, be sure to enjoy a hot shower after an enjoyable game drive in the legendary Serengeti Park. Water can be few in many camps located in the bush but this isn't the case in Osinon. With our tanks taking about 30,000 litres of water, each tent has a luxury to use at least 200 litres for shower.

Dining tent
Talk about delicious unique meals prepared by our experienced chefs. Enjoying your dinner under the African sky's blanket of stars is simply incomparable.

The most thing I like about this classic lounge is that lucky moment when drinking gets interrupted by the astonishing view of wild animals passing just in front of the lounge tent heading to the Western corridor of mighty Serengeti. That experience is well served while enjoying cold drinks after your meals.

Here is Why You Should Stay With Us
In addition to our young, fun adventure-hungry team, of course…

We can help you plan for your African Safari through our mother company Earthlife Expeditions who have been in the industry for the past 10 years winning TripAdvisor certificates of Excellence each year since 2017. We're confident on helping you plan for the safari trip that will meet your budget and travel style.

Wide range of selection
The best thing about Osinon is that you can always choose what fits your style! Are you a solo traveller? We have a tent to fit you. Be it a family or large-sized group, our camp has various tents to fit any group type.

Friendly & experienced staff
Our staff will go extra miles just to make sure that your stay at Osinon is of a lifetime experience. For our staff, there is nothing matters most than meeting and if possible to exceed customers' expectations.

Our staff have a long-time experience in welcoming strangers and live with them as friends. They always seek to give a family touch to visitors while away from their homes.

Highly personalized Services
Osinon has been a revelation in this mighty land of Serengeti. Although a new camp but our highly personalized services have already surpassed expectations. Our camp offers a true bush experience with a very private atmosphere that you'll really need to be lucky to experience it somewhere else.

Perfect location
Osinon is strategically located around greater wildebeests' migration route to ensure you a stunning view of central Serengeti while at the same time spending less time to travel to Seronero airstrip which is just 23 metres away from our camp

We have met our past customers' expectations
With a combination of our professional staff, the perfect location of our camp, reliable services and the high-quality amenities, we are yet to receive a bad review of our work.

While we're open to receiving negative reviews in future that will make us improve even more, we always go extra miles to ensure our guests have the best moments when staying with us.

So many added advantages
Can you imagine having complimentary bush dinner? Well, all it takes is for you to stay at our Osinon for at least 3 nights! That way you'll have to pay nothing to get rewarded with unique bush dinner experience.

With other benefits like reliable 24/7 power, water supply & hot shower and speedy wireless, Osinon gives you all that home feeling while in the bush.

Reviews - We have met our past customers' expectations
Before you book with us, why not give a quick scan on these few case studies? It is important that you go through them because they're the experience you can expect.

‘'...We thought we would stay two nights in another tented camp, very comfortable, while Mamasavana, who had arranged the trip for us, proposed us for a night this brand new field of a higher level, just opened. The location, in the middle of the Serengeti, is fantastic: completely open, you can see both sunrise and sunset. Tents well spaced, spacious, tastefully furnished and very well equipped, with hot and cold running water, mobile phone sockets; great dinner and exquisite service''
Elisabetta, source: TripAdvisor

Enrica wished he could stay more days
“..We stayed one night in this tented camp. Calling it this way is very simplistic because it is equipped with all the comforts, including running water. The curtains are very elegant and the atmosphere is very charming. In the midst of the Serengeti in a strategic position. And you eat well .. perfect camp organization...I wanted to stay a little longer but our total safari days were those”
Enrica Bergamo, source: TripAdvisor

Following the unique personalized services we have given to our customers, most of them were even surprised to hear that our camp hasn't existed for so long. Look for example what Orietta had to say about us.

“ ..It was a pleasant surprise to stay in a new tented camp in the middle of the Serengeti comparable to a five-star hotel. Comfortable bathroom inside the tent with double sink, separate toilet area, separate shower area with hot running water without limits. Charming furnishings. Power outlets everywhere. Great food, extremely attentive and professional staff...”
Orietta, Bergamo - Italy; Source: TripAdvisor

You can read more testimonials about our camp here

Activities in Osinon Camp
There is always something new to see, do and experience in our camps. It's never boring at Osinon & Serengeti.

Evening fireplace
If we are not on the lounge, you'll always find us around the fire. Together with our guests, we use this time to gather as a family, sing songs, listening to various tales from one another and above all, enjoying the beautiful Serengeti evenings.

Bush Dinner
While we have a complimentary bush dinner for customers staying in our camp for at least a few nights, don't worry if your days are shorter! We'll happily arrange this amazing activity for you. You will only have to add a few dollars to experience this true feeling of the African wilderness.

Learn astronomy & Tanzania History
After a long game drive in the day, surrounding the evening fireplace while learning a thing or two about Tanzania history from our safari guides won't be a bad ending of the day! Moreover, our guides will love to share some astronomy knowledge in the days of a clear sky.

A cocktail & Sundowner
When it comes to the best places for viewing perfect sunrise and sunset, very few will surpass Serengeti plains. To make that experience much better, a complimentary cocktail and sundowner are available for the guests staying for up to 3. If you're going to stay for lesser days, no worry we can prepare that for you upon request.

About us
We're kind of a young, funny, caring and very motivated team!

Our Mission
Osinon Camp is a catalyst for adventure lovers to feel, see and experience it in a luxury way

Our essence
We like to imagine how we'll serve you, then listen to your needs, research on their best practices and finally combining our imagination, your need & wishes with our experience to deliver a service that'll leave your time with us worth to remember.

Our Promise
You'll set foot here as a stranger but you'll eventually leave as a friend. The personalized and high standard services & experiences we deliver will surely make you want to visit us again and again.

Our vibe
We dream a new better way to serve our customers and try to do it, while always looking to reinvent what's possible.

Contact us – Do You Have Any Wishes or Questions?
Osinon Camp has quickly emerged as a new favourite among Serengeti camps & lodges. It's time you find out why.

Our wilderness & adventurous inspired but yet luxurious accommodations stand out among camps in Serengeti as guests are able to enjoy the stunning endless plains of Serengeti, splendid sun-set & sun-rise and reliable basic amenities a luxury property would need.

We're never short on things to do and see. Let's get in touch today and find out how we can help you share the best moments in our camp.

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