Ocean Beach Maldives

Ocean Beach Maldives is a budget travel company which operates Guest House and Restaurant. Our main aim is to provide our guests with an unforgettable and memorable vacation Ocean Beach Maldives guest House is in the beach area with its own front beach for a perfect beach and a sea view. It’s a picture-perfect place where you can relax and feel the purest white crystal sand beaches and the different shades of blue in the sea.

Hangnaameedhoo is a local island located in south ari-atoll. The island has an exotic, breathtaking and stunning coral reefs on its edge. These fascinating coral reefs that border the pure white sands. The island is known as a “SNORKELING ISLAND’ because of the beautiful coral reefs. Hangnaameedhoo has a huge banyan tree which is more than 100 years. This tree can be seen from a distance while you are traveling to the island.

In the island of Hangnaameedhoo, lies one of the most historically significant sites of the ancient Maldives; the shrine of King Ibrahim kalaafaanu together with the traditional mosque. In 1960 AD when Malabars attacked Maldives, Sultan Ibrahim Kalaafaanu III (son of the great national hero Mohamed Thakurufaanu), escaped and fled Male’ in one of his ships.

Unfortunately for him, the Malabars caught up with him and he died in the battle that followed. His ship which was abandoned after looting drifted to Hangnaameedhoo. When the people of the island saw the bodies of sultan along with Jamaal Kalo who fought alongside the sultan, they buried their bodies beside the ancient mosque. A special shrine was then built for the martyred king. The shrine became a highly revered one, and the people of Hangnaameedhoo were offered grants and special privileges by the crown for their loyal service.

The coral reefs in Maldives are inhabited by diverse marine life and are teeming with colorful fish. Snorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy the beauty found beyond the lagoon. Please wear adequate sun screen. House reef snorkeling takes place directly in the lagoon of Hangnaameedhoo. Snorkeling gears are available at the reception. Please remember reefs are fragile ecosystems, therefore do not stand or walk on the corals in the reef. Do not try to take any souvenirs from the underwater world.

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