Nebesa Chalets

A place on the verge of reality

Nebesa is the name for four chalets for two persons captured on a panoramic deck between the sky and earth. A privilege for four couples almost a thousand metres above sea level and overlooking the peaks of the Julian Alps, the Triglav National Park and the emerald Soča river in the valley beneath. Nebesa is a modern version of a shepherds' village. Large glass walls obscure the lines between indoors and outdoors – including in sauna, gym and by the fireplace – making you a part of majestic mountains. Boutique to us means eight guests. They come here from everywhere seeking peace and quiet, stories and adventures.

On a sofa amidst nature

Nebesa predominantly offers the luxury of peace. Intimacy amidst nature. Where the only neighbours to four couples are deer. Where large glass walls make you feel outdoors, flying between the sky and earth and being a part of spectacular mountains. It is like sitting on a couch amidst wild nature – green in summer, toned like Alpine flowers in spring, in hues of gold and copper typical for autumn, and white in winter.
Perhaps you will be tempted to learn to distinguish between cumulus, stratus and cirrus clouds. Or to turn your cheek to the wrath of a storm. You may experience a breakfast in a cloud trapped somewhere between the sky and earth.

A place of temporal and visual luxury

Nebesa is also a home. A home to three generations. And a dog. Bojan arises with the sun to mow steep pathways. Katja lives for stories. Your hosts will be Maja and Samo, someday perhaps also Jan and Gal. The most adored is no doubt Ash, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Thank you for scratching him! We live far away from the frenzied world, traffic, industry and the hustle and bustle of tourism. Livek has barely been touched by tourism. These are places that have preserved the original image of green mountainous landscape. The nature here has gone wild.

Feel Nebesa

Nebesa is for her and for him who carry along books, reading them aloud to each other. Nebesa is a place for life decisions. For deliberation in peace. For lounging around and daydreaming. For exercising the body and soul. It is simply a place high above the daily routine – a place of temporal and visual luxury.
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