How to contribute to Triptipedia & guidelines

Triptipedia is a collaborative project, everybody can write a travel tip to share with the community. Our contributors are very diverse:

What is a travel tip?

A travel tip is basically an article sharing advice or important information that travelers might find useful.

You can find examples on the travel tips page.


You'll need a minimum of 200 words and 1 picture to submit a travel tip.

We don't require exclusive content, you can re-use your blog posts.

Choosing a topic to write about

You are free to choose the topic you want to write about, we only require that it is travel-related. Contributors often pick a specific place, but it's not mandatory.

Display topic ideas for your travel tips

Writing a successful travel tip

So far, more than 1200 travel tips have been published on Triptipedia, which gives us some hindsight on what kind of content gets popular.

Here are a few suggestions to increase your chances of success:

Feel free to have a look at the travel tips already published, they can be a great source of inspiration.

Self-promotion and advertisement

You can use your public profile to talk about your business and / or activity, link your website and social media. However, doing so in an article itself is a paying feature.

If you wish to publish a sponsored travel tip, please contact us.

Getting started

You can submit your travel tips directly on Triptipedia using our online editor.

If it's not already done, create an account by clicking on "Join", in the top menu. Then use the write a tip button to start writing your travel tip.