Tips guidelines

Triptipedia readers are looking for travel-related practical advice. If you want your travel tip to be successful, be sure to answer very specific "how", "what", "where" and "when" questions that people might have:

If you want to talk about the "why" ("why visit this place?"), feel free to do so, but keep it brief in comparison to the more practical advice.

You are also welcome to add some background educational information; such as history, culture, fun facts, etc.

Tips for writing a good travel tip


Self-promotion and advertisement are not allowed in travel tips. However, you are welcome to talk about your business / activity / blog / etc and share your website URL and social networks in your public profile. For more information, please refer to the rules.

If you wish to publish a sponsored tip, please contact us.

Word count

There is no minimum word count required on Triptipedia. However, if your tip is brief, make sure it is very dense with advice.

Travel tip ideas