Tip rules

Every tip submitted to Triptipedia must comply with the following rules:

No illegal content

Violence incitation or encouragement, harassment, bullying, threatening, insults, defamation, personal attacks, plagiarism and child pornography are strictly forbidden.

Keep it "safe for work"

Pornography, nudity, gore content or other disturbing subject matter are not allowed.

Original content

You must be the author of any content that you submit on Triptipedia. You can use content that you have previously submitted elsewhere (your website, you blog, social networks...) as long as it is your own and complies with all the rules stated within this page.


The images submitted to Triptipedia must be legally available for use. These include:

Watermarked images are not allowed.


Tips must not contain any direct advertisement nor links to commercial websites (such as travel agencies, hotels, blogs...). You can use your profile to talk about your business and to put a link to your website and social media networks.

If you wish to submit a sponsored tip for advertisement purposes, please contact us at contact@triptipedia.com.

We reserve the right to modify, amend, update or delete any tip that does not comply with the rules.