Home-meal with a family at home

$55 / person


We are a family teaching how to cook Japanese home-meal at our home in Kyoto. Let's cook together!

We are Initia Japanese Cooking Class. A parent and a child teach how to cook Japanese dishes at our home near Kyoto station.
We share knowledge about Japanese cooking methods, Japanese unique seasonings, and tips!
We share the recipe data by email, so you can cook the meal again back home.
Our recipe is made simple, so please cook it for your family and friends. It will be the best souvenir!

Although the name is class, don't expect anything serious! You will have a feeling of cooking with friends coming over.
Besides the cooking, we try to share our recommended local restaurants, which places to visit, Japanese customs, How living in Japan is like.
You can ask us any questions about Japan (We can't guarantee we can answer everything though! )

Looking forward to cooking with you:)

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Offered by Initia Japanese Cooking Class
I'm Taro from Initia Japanese Cooking Class. I teach how to cook Japanese home-meal with my mom, Miyoko. Since I love knowing different culture and people, I studied in a University in the U.S., but it wasn’t enough for me and I traveled to Africa and South America while studying abroad. When I was traveling I noticed that homemade local food is quite different from food at restaurants, including the atmosphere and preparation. Cooking with local people, having conversation while eating—this is what makes the time more valuable. Of course, I got to know many aspects of their lives by talking. Exposing myself to the local life became one... Read more

Nara Cycle Tours Private Tour

After we meet at our bike location, we take off as a group to our first stop called "Yoshikien", a garden gathering 3 styles Japanese gardens in a unique location; a way to enjoy and rediscover the place at every season. Then, we stop by "Nandaimon gate" to admire the Buddhism style building and walk around the place, petting and feeding the deers.

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Todaiji Temple with the giant Buddha statue, pet the deers in the park, Kasuga Taisha Shrine and its thousand lanterns, visit the Kikuichi traditional Japanese knife shop With a guide who will keep you safe and will show you the city in a very unique way, welcome to Nara with the family bike tour.