From Prague: Private tour to Křivoklát + admission, transfers, trains

Escape the Ordinary: Private Tour to Křivoklát Castle & Other Hidden Gems Unleash the secrets of the Czech countryside on this captivating private tour from Prague. Immerse yourself in the Gothic grandeur of Křivoklát Castle, explore the technical appeal of old motorbikes, and conquer a scenic viewpoint for breathtaking panoramas.

Travel comfortably by a private vehicle and take scenic train rides as you venture beyond the city limits.
At 8 AM on the day of your tour, you will be picked up at your hotel anywhere in Prague or at another location, as agreed beforehand. Your adventure begins the moment you step outside your hotel. A private chauffeur will be waiting to whisk you away to Beroun, a charming town nestled about 45 minutes southwest of Prague. From there, you will board a train and embark on a scenic journey through the picturesque Berounka River valley. After a relaxing 40-minute train ride, you will arrive in Křivoklát, ready to unveil its hidden wonders.

Unravel the fascinating history of Křivoklát Castle on a guided tour.
Towering over the landscape, the Křivoklát Castle boasts a rich history as one of the Czech Republic's most prominent and oldest royal residences. Initially built as a humble hunting lodge in the 12th century, it was later transformed into a majestic castle, even serving as a prison during its eventful past. Though fire ravaged its walls on several occasions, the castle underwent numerous restorations, each adding to its unique character. Today, it stands not just as a testament to its history, but also as a vibrant museum, tourist destination, and stage for captivating theatrical exhibitions breathing life into its past, while collections of hunting weapons, Gothic art, and ancient scriptures offer glimpses into different eras. To embark on your personal journey through time, choose from four different tours, each catering to individual interests and the time you wish to spend unraveling the castle's secrets.

Rewind time at the Museum of Motorcycles and marvel at vintage treasures.
The Křivoklát Motorcycle Museum, established in 2008, pays homage to the illustrious motoring history of the Czech Republic. This specially designed facility boasts an extensive collection of Jawa and ČZ motorcycles, and Jawa automobiles. Over 150 meticulously curated exhibits await you, including the pioneering ČZ 76 “Cactus”, the elegant JAWA 700 convertible, and a range of motorcycles that chronicle the technological advancements and cultural influence of these legendary brands. More than just a museum, this is a treasure trove for enthusiasts and restorers seeking to delve into the captivating world of vintage motoring.

Embark on a refreshing hike and capture unforgettable views from a hidden viewpoint.
Perched on a lofty cliff overlooking the Berounka River, Paraplíčko is a gazebo-like structure offering amazing views of the area. This easy 3-km (2-mi) stroll follows a flat footpath through the charming wooded area, with a few spots offering picture-perfect panoramas of the majestic castle, just waiting to be captured in stunning shots.

There is one last attraction awaiting you.
After immersing yourself in the magic of Křivoklát, hop back on the train for a leisurely 20-minute ride to Rakovník, along the namesake stream. If time allows, delve deeper into the town's charm, perhaps exploring its hidden gems or savoring a cup of coffee at a local cafe. Your private chauffeur will then be waiting to take you back to your Prague hotel, ready to share your stories and newfound appreciation for this enchanting region.

Enjoy your privacy: There will be no other guests joining your party. Our tours will lead you on breathtaking paths where you might not see another soul for hours. Yet, you will have the opportunity to visit sites rich in historical and cultural significance.
You will enjoy the best of both worlds: serene solitude and enriching experiences.
Never feel lost: We equip you with offline route maps to track your location.
Invaluable companion: A detailed, virtually step-by-step guidebook, custom-made for your journey.
Personalize your tour: Enhance your experience with our diverse selection of add-ons.

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