Sierra del Rosario biosphere reserve day trip

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Excursion by car from El Nuevo Vedado in Havana to the Sierra del Rosario biosphere reserve, to immerse yourself in the exuberant nature of Cuba and enjoy orchids, a castle in the clouds, the natural viewpoint of venus, the jump of the rainbow and a bath in the therapeutic waters of the river Manantiales.

We will visit Soroa in the Sierra del Rosario, the first biosphere reserve declared by UNESCO in Cuba, we will know its Orchid Botanical Garden, we will ride a horse or walk along its paths to learn to enjoy the flora and fauna of these places, you can ascend to the Castle In the clouds and the viewpoint of Venus and enjoy spectacular landscapes of the Sierra del Rosario and as a climax you can know one of the natural wonders of Cuba the Salto del Arcoiris Waterfall and enjoy a swim in the therapeutic waters of the river Manantiales.

We will visit the Soroa Orquideario Botanical Garden National Heritage with more than 20 000 species of plants and which houses the largest collection of Cuba orchids with about 130 species of Cuban orchids and about 700 species from other parts of the world.

We will ascend to the peculiar Castle of the Clouds and admire the impressive views it offers of the Sierra del Rosario. The castle is a medieval-style building located in the Loma el Fuerte.

We will climb on foot or horse to the Natural Viewpoint of Venus with 375 meters above sea level to enjoy the spectacular landscape of the Sierra del Rosario.

As a climax, we will visit the waterfall Salto del ArcoĆ­ris in the river manantisles tributaries of the Bayate river. This is one of the wonders of Cuban geography. The waterfall is 20 meters high and you can enjoy a swim in its hypo thermal and therapeutic waters, in the heart of a tropical forest, whose trees reach 35 meters high.

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Offered by Luis Herrera
I am Luis. Founder & Ceo Hostal Aptofive. I was born and raised in Nuevo Vedado in Havana, and I love my city! I want to share all the great things that my hometown has to offer and leave you with insider information you will only get from a true local and lover of Havana. The tour I am offering is for people who have limited time but want to gain a genuine feel for Havana, without missing the top attraction. Variety (never routine!) is a key part of keeping things interesting and fun. So with me, you will find my tour is fresh and flexible. As a guide, I love to learn what interests you so my tour can engage and leave you with a real feel... Read more

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