Rishikesh 360 Cultural Tour on Lets Playy E-bikes

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Rishikesh 360 is a custom curated experience for all those riders and explorers who have the exact kind of spirit with us, to go on an effortless e-bike ride and learn about cultures, people, rituals and history. The entourage begins from Tapovan in Rishikesh at 3 PM each day. Exclusions and inclusions mentioned below.

We ride down from Tapovan together to the swinging bridge famous across the country as “Laxman Jhula”, one of the busiest crossing on the Ganges, this bridge has a charm of its own.

Between sounds of sonorous bells from the temples on both ends, street vendors, macaque monkeys and the charged up flow of the deep-deep Ganges right beneath it, we gush through the crowds quickly on our e-bikes.

Let’s pull our socks up and roll up those sleeves, cause we sure don’t want you to end up all messy. For where we head next is a jungle, a reserve. The Rajaji National Park sometimes referred to as Chilla Reserve. It is a national park spread across an area of 800+ sq km, somewhere in between the cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, with flora and fauna so beautiful, you’ll fall head over heels in love with the Himalayas, all over again.

Running through the reserve for approximately 26 Kms is the Ganges, pathways covered from either end with tall sal, oak, deodar and teel trees, and sunsets to die for, you can never miss the chance to get great photos for your #instajourney. Spectacular variety of deers, massive elephant population and color bombed flora is what you are up for when we ride through the forest floors.

Now we buck up to the town side once more, to an Ashram bedazzled through music, mandalas and mindfulness. The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh is one fine spot for exploring what remains in the home of the epic Maharishi Mahesh years after the world-famous and iconic musicians left this land, making music and friends while garnering attention from around the globe.

Huge domes meant for meditation dipped in a palate of colourful walls and graffitis, plus what’s in the backdrop? Jungles, greenery and silence.
For those who might not want to splurge out extra bills for entrances to historical places like this Ashram, we have an alternate option.

Ask for it and we’ll head to a secret ‘Ganga Beach’, a patch of open space near the banks of Ganges in the vicinity. Rightly named so because of close resemblance to an actual beach, it’s just the perfect spot for a quick picnic while the others enjoy their explorations in the Ashram.

It’s getting dark and we must rush, for if we don’t, we’ll miss the buzz.

Riding to downtown Rishikesh on the left banks of the Ganges, in the busiest of streets of the town to one famous place of refuge for mental peace- Parmarth Niketan.

A place to stay, meditate and reinstate, this abode facing the Ganges is surrounded by greenery, amazing architecture and just plain peace. And right when we step out, you’ll see the shopping streets of Rishikesh, all shimmery, all busy, you’ll truly be pleasantly surprised seeing the cleanliness and sophistication with which outlets, shops and even roadside stalls work on these streets selling all-authentic Indian things.

Quickly then, we make our way through the market on our e-bikes, accelerate here, pedal there and shop some stuff.

Uh-oh, the e-bike batteries are still charged but we understand you could need a break and a little charge too. Well, we have you covered. We stop by some streetside snacking joints and indulge in some evening snacks, and you know what’s great? It’s on the house!

Post that, we’ll head on to our final destinations, through the congested Ram Jhula, we ride on our super light-e-bikes. Finally, we stop at the Shatrugan Ghat for an experience you’ll find nowhere else in the world. It’s grand, it’s special, and it’s new every single day- The Ganga Arti on Shatrugan Ghat is a very important part of the schedule of most people who reside in these hills.

Every evening, after the sun sets and the river reaches a calm, gazillions of lamps are burnt by the priests and people at the Shatrugan Ghat to honour the mighty Ganges, and then the bells, chants, prayers engulf the entire town into an aura that’s far from any explanation. This, by far can also be counted on as one of the most integral parts of Rishikesh’s culture apart from homely food at the famous ‘Chotiwala’, detoxification and cleansing of mind and body with Yoga, meditation and spirituality; and of course the famous adventure sports.
Done and dusted when the arti gets over, we head back to our safe havens and retire after putting the batteries of our beasty e-bikes back on charge.

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