Private Shanghai Markets Half Day Tour

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Shop till you drop in Shanghai local market. Get unforgettable shopping experience in most popular local markets: Fabric market, Tea market, off brand market, antique market, etc. Taste 3 different kind of tea and recognize what it is. Seek out a bargain or pick up some unique souvenirs in off brand, antique market.

Shanghai has been famed as the “Shopping Paradise” and the “Oriental Paris’ in history. Not only for shopping in the upscale malls, but more for the barging in the markets and hunting out treasure from Antique shops. There are 4 popular markets recommended by your local shopping expert.You can choose to visit two of them: Fabric market (for tailor-made cloth); Tea market (various Chinese tea from all over China); Off brand market (Sale textiles, footwear, pearl, bags, handcraft, etc. Antique market (hunting out real antique from thousands of years ago)

What you can do in the markets:

Fabric market: There are hundreds of tailor shop in the market. Every shop is different and specializes in their own way. Some better for making suits and coats; others make silk; And some of them only make leather and leather jackets. You can even prepare photos or magazine images for fashion ideas! They will make it exactly the same as the example you show. Don’t worry, if you haven’t prepared already we do have a selection that would best represent the styles available! They also have plenty of ideas to share with you as well!

Tea market: You have the opportunity to taste 3 different types of tea and learn about their quality, efficiency, history, etc. A tea expert will help you to choose the tea which matches with your body the best!

Off-brand market: Get your handcraft, bags, sunglasses, artist, T-shirt, Pearl, etc. Everything you can imagine all made in China with brilliant quality.

Antique market: You may have the chance to hunt out real antiques here only if you have a good eye for it! Otherwise, you must start practicing your bargaining techniques! Don’t worry, you shopping guide will give you an advice and prepare you ahead of time!

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